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Relief Innovation Before, During, and After Disaster

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Box, Inc.

In 2015, Box committed to working with a network of partners to increase efficiency in disaster response by creating cloud-based content management platforms for relief organizations. Over the next year, Box and its partners will first work with relief organizations to understand their operations and current needs, and develop at least three tech-based solutions that will be offered to the relief organizations at low or no cost. Box and its partners will also make some of these solutions and best-practice toolkits available to a wider NGO community via online exchange platforms. Given that in 2011, more than two hundred million people were affected by natural disasters and in 2014 global costs topped $110 million, both numbers that are expected to increase in the coming years, this increased support for efficiencies in disaster response will enable greater collaboration between organization, volunteer and resource management, and distribution of information and programs to a wider audience.





Relief Innovation Before, During, and After Disaster



Est. Duration

1 year

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Oceania, Europe, Northern America


Australia, UNITED KINGDOM, United States

Commitment by

Box, Inc.

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JPMorgan Chase Foundation, Splunk, Inc., Start Network, Okta Ad, CodeScience, DocuSign, Inc., Tableau Software, Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc., Team Rubicon, Nethope, Inc., Operation Hope, Inc.,, Twilio