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Rwandan Brilliance: A Partnership to Improve Newborn Health

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Child Relief International

In 2016, Child Relief International Foundation, in partnership with D-Rev and the Ministry of Health of Rwanda, committed to provide critical treatment for more than 4,350 severely jaundiced newborns in Rwanda over three years. When left untreated, severe jaundice, which affects one in six newborns, can lead to permanent and debilitating brain damage. Despite being easily treatable through phototherapy, an intense blue light, treatment of newborn jaundice in low income countries is a challenge as standard treatment devices are far too costly for these contexts. Through this partnership, CRI will deploy D-Rev’s “Brilliance” line of products—which treats severely jaundiced newborns at $500 per device, compared to over $3,000 for a comparable device in the United States—and will provide 106 Brilliance Pro phototherapy devices to all 46 district and teaching hospitals in Rwanda that have neonatal intensive care units or special newborn care units. D-Rev will provide and manage the delivery and installation of the devices, and manage the training of Ministry of Health staff. All three partners will coordinate to collect data to assess the health impact of the devices, as well as the scale of the impact across the entire project.





Rwandan Brilliance: A Partnership to Improve Newborn Health



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3 years

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Commitment by

Child Relief International

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D-Rev: Design Revolution, Child Relief International Foundation, Republic of Rwanda