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Saving Children's Lives through Integrated Health Care

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Population Services International

In Madagascar, 75% of people lack access to potable water, which puts them at significant risk of diarrheal diseases, one of the leading causes of mortality among children. In 2008, PSI committed to reaching half a million Malagasy children with an integrated health care package of safe drinking water, treatment for diarrheal disease, and malaria prevention and treatment, to address two major causes of child death: malaria and diarrhea. Since October 2008, PSI has exceeded the commitment by offering:
(1) Integrated heath care packages to children including around two million bottles of water purification solution, 27,000 diarrhea treatment kits (DTK) with Oral Re-hydration Salts (ORS) and zinc tablets, one million long lasting insecticide treated nets (LLINs), and one million prepackaged treatment for malaria cases;
(2) Training to over 450 community agents on the management of diarrhea and malaria cases; and
(3) Communication tools to community health workers and distributors to prevent and diagnose malaria and diarrhea in children.





Saving Children's Lives through Integrated Health Care



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1 year

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Commitment by

Population Services International

Partner(s) of the Commitment Maker(s)

The Global Fund To Fight Aids, Tuberculosis And Malaria, Republic of Madagascar, United States Agency for International Development, CARE, Voahary Salama