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Scaling the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2013

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United Postcode Lotteries

In 2012, United Postcode Lotteries (UPL) committed to scale up their green business competition, the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge, in order to spur innovation in the area of sustainability. By increasing the amount of entries, the quality and countries of origin, United Postcode Lotteries aim to speed up the development of new, innovative green businesses around the globe to tackle the challenges of climate change. Financial support, increased broad-based mentoring of the winning entrepreneurs, and their introduction to a large international network to help advance their businesses, are all components of the approach. UPL committed to scale up the challenge to include entrants from India, China, Africa and South America, and an increase of female entries is a primary goal of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge competition in 2013. This will be accomplished this by reaching out to female entrepreneurs through various relevant networks. United Postcode Lotteries also committed to increase the visibility of the top 20 runner-ups by posting their sustainability designs and business plans on the UPL website. In this way, United Postcode Lotteries hopes for additional green entrepreneurs to find funding and establish businesses.





Scaling the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2013



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1 year

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Commitment by

United Postcode Lotteries

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Rocky Mountain Institute, DOEN Foundation, Carbon War Room, The Climate Group