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Sustainable Expansion of the India School Feeding Program

Commitment by

The Akshaya Patra Foundation

In 2008, the Deshpande Foundation, Ravindra Chamaria, and the Government of India committed to providing $7 million to scale the Akshaya Patra school lunch program in India in an efficient, gradual, and sustainable manner. The commitment included building a new kitchen in Orissa, India, expanding Akshaya Patra's existing kitchen in Uttar Pradesh and feeding additional 100,000 disadvantaged children from these two new facilities for three years. The grants were announced in September 2008. The first $428,571 was distributed over the past six months.
The main beneficiaries of the program are disadvantaged children from low-income families who are at risk of malnutrition and lack of education. The program has been particularly successful in reaching out to girls, who are especially at-risk of missing out on education due to poverty, malnutrition, and lack of importance placed on educating girls in poor families. School meals serve as an incentive for these families to send their children to school. For many of these children, this school meal is their only complete meal for the day.
Expansion of the kitchen in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh is almost complete and the kitchen will serve an additional 50,000 children each school day when schools reopen in June 2009 after the summer recess.





Sustainable Expansion of the India School Feeding Program



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2 Years

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Commitment by

The Akshaya Patra Foundation

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Republic of India, The Deshpande Foundation