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TAKTAKTAK.COM: Learning by playing

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Innova y Moderniza tu Aprendizaje AC (INOMA)

In 2013, INOMA committed to significantly expand the reach and content of TAKTAKTAK.COM, an online platform that offers free educational games for children, ages 6 to 10. Over a two year period, INOMA will reach 120,000 children by promoting the use of the website in 250 public schools in Mexico City and in the State of Puebla. Additionally, INOMA will complement the platform with 40 new games that will cover a broader spectrum of the Mexican basic education curriculum, and will provide teachers with training materials on how to best incorporate TAKTAKTAK.COM into the classroom experience. Finally, INOMA will develop and implement a predictive algorithm that monitors each user's behavior and learning progress, collecting crucial feedback that will be used not only to improve the games platform, but also to provide educational authorities and institutions across Mexico with organized and analyzed data which may inform and improve national education strategies.





TAKTAKTAK.COM: Learning by playing



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1 year

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Latin America & Caribbean



Commitment by

Innova y Moderniza tu Aprendizaje AC (INOMA)

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Nacional Monte de Piedad, United Mexican States, Grupo BBVA Bancomer, Conacyt