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Teen Voice 2015

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Best Buy Co., Inc., Best Buy Children's Foundation

In 2009, the Best Buy Children's Foundation committed to build on the Teen Voice 2009 report which is part of @15, Best Buy's new teen-led social change platform to empower teens. Findings from the inaugural study introduced a new logic model (Sparks + Voice + Relationships & Opportunities) and metrics (TVI, ROI) to develop and measure the strength of our nation's teens. The TEEN VOICE 2015 commitment will field and publish findings from this study for the next 5 years, and expand globally through partnerships, will help set or keep 15-year-olds on a positive course at a critical time in their life and will inform and support Best Buy's efforts to change the conversation the world has with and about teens. Specifically through this commitment Best Buy will partner with Search Institute to fund and promote quantitative and qualitative studies, develop and test a TVI-based assessment tool for non-profit organizations serving youth, and seek ways to extend the Teen Voice study, findings, and actions globally. TEEN VOICE 2015 addresses the critical need for more rigorous information about teen education, and the results of this commitment will impact 10,000 teens across the world.





Teen Voice 2015



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3 Years

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Northern America


United States

Commitment by

Best Buy Co., Inc., Best Buy Children's Foundation

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Search Institute