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Thankful For Diversity: A Global Social Engagement Campaign

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In 2016, Thankful committed to launch #Thankful4Diversity, a global social engagement campaign that aims to reach more than 500 million people, and to directly engage at least 5 million in efforts to promote respect and gratitude. Over the next six months, Thankful will partner with large and small charities, corporations, celebrities, thoughtleaders, influencers, and media partners who will contribute their own messages to the #Thankful4Diversity movement, working side-by-side to build a positive narrative around diversity. Parners will also engage their supporters and followers in sharing #Thankful4Diversity messages, and posting photos, videos, and stories of diversity in their own communities. Thankful will track these submissions and award $10,000 grants to the ten charity partners whose supporters share the best posts and messages. In an effort to create local results within the global campaign, these grants will underwrite diversity-driven programs that are designed by the charity partner—together with Thankful—to have measurable outcomes within a community. In addition, Thankful will work locally with schools and companies to bring #Thankful4Diversity curriculum and programs to students and employees.





Thankful For Diversity: A Global Social Engagement Campaign



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1 year

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Australia, United States

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Operation Kids, Global Resolutions, Riseup, The Progeria Research Foundation, Hadley Impact, So They Can