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Ultra-Affordable High-Quality Private Primary Schools

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Bridge International Academies

In 2009, Bridge International Academies committed to using its unique 'school in a box' business model to scale a network of ultra-low cost for-profit private primary schools to reach more than 1 million poor families across the continent in the next decade. Since making the commitment, Bridge International has successfully launched 12 new schools serving some of Kenya's poorest slums, now proving that you can profitably deliver high-quality primary education that is affordable to the vast majority of the families in some of the poorest communities in the world (charging less than $4 per child per month). Measured educational gains for its students have been extraordinary which has created tremendous demand for its affordable services - the latest 5 new schools grew from 0 to 130 student enrollment each in less than 60 days. Its first school was nearly profitable in its first 12 months. To support its aggressive scaling plans, Bridge International has now developed one of the most sophisticated operating systems, tools, procedures, training and back office support infrastructure for schooling in the world - encapsulating that all in its revolutionary 'school in a box' business model.





Ultra-Affordable High-Quality Private Primary Schools



Est. Duration

10 year

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Sub-Saharan Africa

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Bridge International Academies