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Unclogging New York City's Streets and Clearing the Air

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Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

As a solution for New York City's traffic congestion and air pollution, Environmental Defense will join with New York business leaders and community groups to promote peak pricing, establishing a fee for drivers to enter the city center at peak hours.
As of April 2011, a pricing proposal was put before the City Council, which approved it by a vote of 30-20. The state legislature expressed doubts about the implementation of the peak pricing program based on concern for communities not served by existing subway lines who would have no choice but to drive and, thus, pay an extra fee. To address this concern, and to deliver transit to underserved communities, EDF is working with local partners to introduce innovative forms of transit, like bus-rapid-transit, that could deliver cost-effective transit service quickly.





Unclogging New York City's Streets and Clearing the Air



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3 Years

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United States

Commitment by

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

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Gilbert and Ildiko Butler Family Foundation, Surdna Foundation, Inc., D. Wilson Ervin