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United Through Reading: Enhancing Military Family Connections

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United Through Reading

In 2016, United Through Reading (UTR) and its partners committed to develop an iOS and Android App that will expand access to UTR’s proven model for supporting U.S. military families who face physical separation by facilitating the bonding experience of reading aloud together – which will benefit at least 10,000 service and family members. App features will include the ability to pre-record book readings with video synchronized to page view and, when a live connection between family members is possible, the ability to read books together over video chat with the same page of the book appearing on each users’ screen. Evaluation tools will also be integrated into the App. UTR will lead program management and implementation. Kindoma will develop, publish, and maintain the App. First Book will work with its publishing partners to curate the App’s book collection. Too Small to Fail will help parents identify specific actions they can take to support their children.





United Through Reading: Enhancing Military Family Connections



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1 year

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United States

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United Through Reading

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Kindoma, Too Small to Fail, First Book