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Using Video Games to Increase Learning Computer Science

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Glitch Game Testers

In 2012, Glitch Game Testers and its partners committed to increasing the number of African-American teenage males interested in pursuing computer science degrees and careers. Over a five-year period, 125 low-income 16-year-old African-American males enrolled in high school in Atlanta will be given the opportunity to enroll in an intensive two-week introductory computer science learning program provided by the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. This initial training course will be complimented by ongoing computer science classes, including preparation for the Advanced Placement Computer Science test, throughout the student's involvement in the program. Each year, at least 10 program participants will be hired to fill part-time summer positions as game testers, a critical early stage position that ensures video games are interesting to play and free of any programming glitches. This commitment will help leverage the ability of video games to attract and entertain teenage males in order to not only provide high quality education and employment opportunities but also serve as a model for other programs that seek to broaden participation of underrepresented groups in technology careers.





Using Video Games to Increase Learning Computer Science



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1 year

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United States

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Glitch Game Testers

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Knowledge Development Centers, Morehouse College, Georgia Institute of Technology