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Vision 2020: The Standard for Community Transformation

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Ubuntu Education Fund

In 2016, Ubuntu Education Fund committed to invest $5.4 million over the next five years for Vision 2020: The Standard for Community Transformation, an initiative that will expand the Ubuntu campus, amplify the Ubuntu Model, and deepen its impact. Specifically, Ubuntu will focus on six key growth areas: 1) expanding the Early Childhood Development (ECD) program to serve 500 children aged 2-5; 2) partnering with a high-performing primary school to serve 240 children that graduate from ECD; 3) building a state-of-the-art Centre for Ubuntu Pathways, a vocational-training program, to reach 750 out-of-school youth and attain an 85% placement rate for graduates into full and part-time employment; 4) creating the Ubuntu Institute, an incubator program that will develop promising leaders to build community institutions capable of delivering sustainable change; 5) establishing an institutional sustainability fund; and 6) expanding clinical services to provide transformative household stability support and healthcare to 2,000 orphaned and vulnerable children and their families. Through this commitment, Ubuntu Education Fund will continue to ensure that orphaned and vulnerable children in Port Elizabeth, South Africa attain healthy, stable futures.





Vision 2020: The Standard for Community Transformation



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5 years

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Commitment by

Ubuntu Education Fund

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Rumi Verjee, Barnard College, Vitol Foundation, Tigers Logistics, Barclays plc, If Hummingbird Foundation Inc., The Bridgespan Group, Kirsh Charitable Foundation, Pioneer Academies, Mai Family Foundation, Louis M. Khoury Foundation, Umsizi Fund