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Wind for Prosperity Jordan

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Vestas Wind Systems A/S

In 2014, as part of its Wind for Prosperity program, Vestas and EP Global Energy (EPGE) committed to deploy wind energy solutions in Jordan, a country which imports nearly all of its energy and has challenges meeting demands, an issue which has been further exacerbated by the growing population of refugees due to the Syrian crisis. Over the next three years, Vestas and EGPE will develop a wind power plant with a total generation capacity between 9MWs and 15MWs in the Mafraq region, likely near the Zaatari Camp, where there appears to be abundant wind resources and adequate grid interconnection capacity. EPGE will act as lead developer and the local partner, whereas Vestas and its partners will procure, supply, and install the wind turbines. As a result, Vestas will provide energy to the refugee camp, as well as to the local area and local population, impacting at least 15,000 households.





Wind for Prosperity Jordan



Est. Duration

3 years

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Middle East & North Africa



Commitment by

Vestas Wind Systems A/S

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EP Global Energy, Temple Bright LLP