Commitment to Action

YouthActionNet Institute: Morocco

Commitment by

International Youth Foundation, Laureate International Universities

In 2015, Laureate International Universities and the International Youth Foundation committed to equip young social entrepreneurs to lead effective and impactful change in Morocco. Based on the partnership's 15-year experience in building and refining this model in numerous contexts, a YouthActionNet institute will be established at the Université Internationale de Casablanca (UIC). The leadership training program will support promising young social entrepreneurs by equipping them with the skills, networks, and resources they need to be effective managers. In addition, the program will develop tools to bolster the youth social entrepreneurship infrastructure in Morocco by adapting its social innovation curriculum and recruitment materials to local context, and engaging university students as consultants proposing solutions to the challenges faced by the entrepreneurs' ventures. By engaging the university community, the YouthActionNet institute aims to not only empower young social entrepreneurs to become effective change-makers, but also further the concept of youth social entrepreneurship.





YouthActionNet Institute: Morocco



Est. Duration

1 year

Estimated Total Value



Middle East & North Africa



Commitment by

International Youth Foundation, Laureate International Universities

Partner(s) of the Commitment Maker(s)

Laureate International University Casablanca