Inside Impact: East Africa

A Journey with President Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative

"Inside Impact: East Africa" is an eight-minute virtual reality film that allows people around the world to join President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton on their trip to East Africa in spring 2015 - and see first-hand how Commitments to Action made by CGI members are changing lives and empowering communities. The film also provides viewers multiple perspectives of modern Africa - from modern downtown Nairobi to Kibera, the largest slum in Africa, a short distance away.

“For the first time, we’re debuting a film here at CGI. Unlike any film that most have seen, and certainly that I had ever seen, this one is a 360 degree virtual reality experience where you are actually supposed to feel like you’re there,” said President Bill Clinton at the CGI 2015 Annual Meeting. “On our trip to East Africa this spring, we filmed with three different commitment-makers and I think that the film will give people the opportunity to understand the difference CGI members can make in a whole different way.”

The “Inside Impact: East Africa” virtual reality film was produced and directed by Felix and Paul Studios in association with m ss ng p eces, for Matter Unlimited's “Inside Impact” social impact project and virtual reality film series. The film is available exclusively on the Oculus Store for Gear VR Innovator Edition, powered by Oculus. A panoramic 360 video version was also unveiled on Friday, September 25, as one of the first 360 videos on Facebook.
In the film, viewers explore three CGI commitment sites that President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton visited in Tanzania and Kenya:


Solar Sister

President Clinton meets a Solar Sister Entrepreneur in rural Karatu, Tanzania, who uses a solar panel on her roof to charge a generator that provides her house with power. She also sells solar-powered lights, cookstoves, and other environmentally friendly goods—to increase her income and benefit her community. In 2012, Solar Sister committed to expand its network of women entrepreneurs by scaling their programs from Uganda to Kenya, Tanzania, and Nigeria. As of September 2015, Solar Sister had trained 2,000 entrepreneurs, 750 of whom were in Tanzania.

Learn more about this commitment and support Solar Sister's work.


Discovery Learning Alliance / CHARGE

Viewers join a class at the Farasi Lane School in Nairobi, Kenya, as a teacher trained and equipped by Discovery Learning Alliance (DLA) uses innovative tools and techniques to engage her students about malaria prevention. The school is part of the 2014 CHARGE commitment—of which DLA is a partner—co-chaired by the No Ceilings initiative and the Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution. Today, CHARGE has grown as a collaborative to 50 civil society organizations, companies, multilaterals and governments working to advance girls’ education. This collective effort has committed over $800 million dollars to reach 15 million girls over five years. 

Learn more about No Ceilings, and support the broader work of the Clinton Foundation in Africa.


Starkey Hearing Foundation

President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton join a hearing aid fitting in Nairobi as part of the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s 2010 commitment to fit more than 1 million hearing aids to people in need this decade. They are ahead of their goal, having provided more than 200,000 hearing aids this year alone. 

Learn more about this commitment and support the Starkey Hearing Foundation.