Opening Plenary Session

The opening Plenary Session framed the agenda for the three days to follow. World leaders identified critical areas for action and collaboration across a multitude of sectors, ranging from education and energy and climate change to global health and economic empowerment. Recognizing the stresses that stakeholders are feeling due to the economic downturn, CGI 's four program areas stressed achievable ways to empower communities, harness innovation for development, strengthen infrastructure, build human capital, finance an equitable future, and invest in girls and women. Panelists explained both why and how everyone has a role to play as businesses, organizations, and individuals identify creative new approaches for addressing the major global challenges of our time.

Special Session

The G20 And Its Impact On Global Challenges

With a focus on major modern challenges – growing populations, natural resource scarcity, global warming, dynamic global and financial markets, strains on social systems, and incomplete economic opportunity for billions of people – this session enabled G-20 Heads of State who represent the largest economies in the world to preview their positions in advance of the G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh. G-20 world leaders described their outlook for the future and suggest opportunities to enhance cooperation among governments, businesses, and civil society on issues of shared interest and importance that underpin a sustainable and prosperous future.