2014 Annual Meeting

September 21–24, 2014 • New York City

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Hosted by President Bill Clinton, Secretary Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton, the 10th Annual Meeting brought CGI members together under the 2014 theme of Reimagining Impact to facilitate the development of forward-thinking approaches that re-envision the way we impact the world.





Annual Theme

The 2014 theme of Reimagining Impact guides members in better measuring and assessing the outcomes of their work, and rethinking how we create value through new approaches to address complex global challenges going forward. Through their Commitments to Action, the CGI community has continued to evolve to better meet the challenges of today, while preparing for the pressing needs of tomorrow.
This year's theme is the conclusion of a three part series that began in 2012. CGI’s 2012 theme, Designing for Impact, encouraged members to be purposeful in designing effective Commitments to Action from the outset. CGI’s 2013 theme, Mobilizing for Impact, explored how to engage the right resources and partners in the commitment-making process to ensure lasting and scalable success.




Session Types

The annual theme will be carried throughout the
various programming of the 2014 Annual Meeting:
Plenary Sessions are moderated discussions, bringing together key leaders to present cross-sector perspectives and methods for reimagining solutions to global challenges.
Small Group Discussions are in-depth conversations in which participants focus on specific topics of interest, using alternate lenses and identifying strategies to re-envision the outcomes of their efforts.
Breakout Sessions bring members together to network, partner, and learn through a number of distinct formats:
  • Designing Ideas: In these interactive sessions, members brainstorm and generate answers to specific “how” questions, creating forward-thinking solutions and refining new approaches to global challenges.

  • Debates: By examining a selection of existing Commitments to Action through an interactive community debate, members challenge different approaches and leverage shared insights to maximize the impact of their work going forward.

  • Commitment Pitches: Commitment-makers “pitch” their Commitments to Action to an expert panel, then network with the audience to rethink their current strategies, identify potential resources, and establish innovative partnerships.

  • CGI Conversations: Developed with a variety of media partners, these panel discussions are moderated by news anchors and taped to air on an international news network at a later date.