Plenary Session

Equality for Girls and Women: 2034 Instead of 2134?

When women participate in the economy and politics, the positive effects ripple across entire societies. Imagine a world where women make up half of CEOs, executives, government officials, and landowners, and whose salaries equal men’s. What if this world also ensured that girls and women were as educated and as healthy as men, and were free from violence, trafficking, and abuse? While tremendous progress has been made over the last 20 years in achieving equality for girls and women around the world, the pace of change needs to be significantly accelerated. For example, with current projections, women will not comprise half of the world’s elected representatives until 2065 or half the world’s leaders until 2134. In this session, key leaders across sectors will reimagine how CGI members can:

• examine the progress that has been made since the 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, and what challenges remain
• build the foundation for women’s equality and societies’ prosperity through increased access to finance and land, while addressing socio-cultural norms
• utilize transformative levers, such as social media and data, to accelerate progress


Shinzō Abe, Prime Minister of Japan

Opening Conversation:


David Leonhardt, Editor, The Upshot, The New York Times


Hillary Rodham Clinton, Former U.S. Secretary of State and U.S. Senator from New York
Melinda Gates, Co-chair and Trustee, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Panel Discussion:


Katie Couric, Global Anchor, Yahoo News


Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair, Clinton Foundation
Hikmet Ersek, President, CEO and Director, The Western Union Company
Leymah Gbowee, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, 2011, President, Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa
Nilofar Sakhi, Chief Executive Officer, American University of Afghanistan

Breakout Sessions

Haiti 2025

Session Features:  Debates  •   Interactive  •   Group Discussion

Since the formation of the Haiti Action Network in 2008, CGI members have galvanized more than $500 million for Commitments to Action when fully funded and implemented. As Haiti continues to recover from the devastating 2010 earthquake, foreign aid is waning while local and international businesses are increasing investments, supported by the government of Haiti. This session will highlight the work of the Haiti Action Network and debate the following questions:

• Can CGI members continue designing and implementing Commitments to Action that build local capacity and have clear exit strategies to enable Haiti to prosper far into the future?
• Can direct investments supporting Haitian entrepreneurship and business growth replace philanthropy?
• Can the critical lessons learned from Haiti be applied to similar settings that have been impacted by natural disaster, conflict, and poverty?


Adam Davidson, Co-founder, NPR's Planet Money


Nemdia Daceney, HELP Graduate, Haitian Education & Leadership Program
Paul Farmer, Co-founder and Chief Strategist, Partners In Health, Kolokotrones University Professor, Harvard Medical School
Laurent Lamothe, Prime Minister, Republic of Haiti
Denis O'Brien, Chairman, Digicel
Norma Powell, Director General , Center for Facilitation of Investments


Can impact investing prioritize profit, people, and the planet?

Session Features:  Debates  •   Interactive  •   Group Discussion

The impact investment market is currently estimated to hold around $40 billion in capital, and projections suggest that by 2020, the sector could reach $400 billion to $1 trillion. As new vehicles—such as development impact bonds and retail bonds—hold great promise for future scale, gaps remain. Notably, in the wake of unprecedented climate change disruptions and escalating global resource constraints, environmental value has failed to be addressed equally alongside social and financial gains. In this session, CGI members will debate the following questions:

• Can impact investing preserve its original intent to create social and environmental returns, while accounting for scale and financial gains?
• Can the field of environmental impact investing grow by addressing the challenges and opportunities of measurement and long-term sustainability?
• Can bonds bridge the gap between financial gains and environmental and social returns for all stakeholders?


Elizabeth L. Littlefield, President and CEO, Overseas Private Investment Corporation


Robert A. Annibale, Global Director, Citi Microfinance and Community Development
Amy Bell, Executive Director, Social Finance, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Tammy Newmark, President and CEO, EcoEnterprises Fund
Nick O'Donohoe, Chief Executive Officer, Big Society Capital
Mark Tercek, President and CEO, The Nature Conservancy


How can communities prevent and resolve the double burden of malnutrition?

Session Features:  Designing Ideas  •   Interactive  •   Group Discussion

Today, 925 million people globally suffer from hunger and undernutrition, the greatest risk factors leading to disease, mostly in low- and middle-income countries. Simultaneously, developing countries are grappling with the onset of obesity, driven by the overconsumption of unhealthy calories. Mexico, for example, has surpassed the United States as the most obese country in the world, and China has transitioned from famine to obesity within one generation. The long-term and irreversible consequences of nutrition deficiency and obesity—including diabetes, heart disease, and other non-communicable diseases—affect 10 percent of adults and 30 million children worldwide. In this session, CGI members will reimagine how to:

• support countries and communities in avoiding the shift from food scarcity to nutrition deficiency and overconsumption
• increase food availability and optimal nutrition among the malnourished, whether they are undernourished or obese
• promote better behaviors that result in healthier food choices and consumption


Sandy Speicher, Associate Partner and Managing Director, Education, IDEO


Jay Naidoo, Chair of Board of Directors and Partnership Council, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)
Lucy Martinez Sullivan, Executive Director, 1,000 Days

Closing Plenary Session

Aiming for the Moon and Beyond

Since 2005, CGI members have challenged the status quo by proposing bold and cutting-edge ideas, some never envisioned before, that led to disruptive breakthroughs. Going forward, how can CGI members continue to take worthwhile risks and accept that experiencing failure is a critical element to achieving success? How can they “dream big” in order to unlock innovation and drive social change?

This session will share the perspectives of forward-thinking leaders and innovators from across sectors, including a live conversation with the International Space Station on exploring new frontiers.


Hillary Rodham Clinton, Former U.S. Secretary of State and U.S. Senator from New York
President Bill Clinton, Founding Chairman, Clinton Global Initiative; 42nd President of the United States
Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair, Clinton Foundation
Cady Coleman, Astronaut, NASA, Colonel, U.S. Air Force
Peter H. Diamandis, Chairman and Founder, X PRIZE Foundation
Graça Machel, Founder, Graça Machel Trust and Foundation for Community Development
Reid Wiseman, Astronaut, NASA , Commander, U.S. NAVY