CGI Action Network – Capacity Building Series

Given the increase of extreme climate events and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic disrupting both public health and economic outlooks for the Caribbean, there is no greater time to focus on supporting and strengthening community-led institutions — many of which are on the front lines of these global challenges. As a powerful marketplace of ideas and resources, members of the CGI Action Network community are uniquely fit to help support one another by sharing best practices, resources, and ideas. Through the Capacity Building Series CGI will provide webinars to promote and drive the development of skill-building topics on a rolling basis.

Effective Communication Strategies During a Crisis and Emergency

This webinar, “Effective Communication Strategies During a Crisis and Emergency,” shares various best practices for effective communication, ways to adapt communications for long-term success, and considerations for how to manage your organization's content and social media during an emergency or natural disaster. Partners from the CGI AN share their best practices and experiences about how to tailor your communications for your intended audience during challenging times.

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Capacity Building, Leveraging Pro-Bono Work

This webinar, “Pro Bono 101,” in partnership with Common Impact, helps organizations to understand opportunities for leveraging skill-based volunteering to build nonprofit capacity. This webinar will cover available skill-based volunteering resources, how to find skill-based volunteers, and how Pro Bono projects can be used strategically to benefit your organization.

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To learn more about this series please reach out to Erica Kruszel at [email protected].