CGI Middle East & Africa


Frequently Asked Questions

What is CGI?

Please visit our website to learn more about the CGI mission and model.

Where will the CGI Middle East & Africa Meeting take place?

CGI Middle East & Africa will be held at the Palmeraie Golf Palace, located in Marrakech, Morocco. The address for the Palmeraie Golf Palace is: Parc de la Palmeraie, Circuit de la Palmeraie Marrakech 4000, Morocco.

Do I need a visa to travel to Morocco?

If you do not currently reside in Morocco, you may be required to obtain a visa to enter the country. Please check with the Moroccan embassy or consulate nearest you for visa requirements. CGI is unable to obtain visas for participants.

What does participation in CGI Middle East & Africa include?

Participation in the meeting includes:

  • Innovative and interactive sessions

  • Access to a diverse network of regional leaders from across sectors

  • Commitment development services

  • A personal CGI point of contact

What language will the meeting be held in?

The CGI Middle East & Africa Meeting will be held in English, with translation services in Arabic and French available during all programmatic portions of the event.

Will a prayer room be available at the meeting?

There will be a prayer room available to all CGI Middle East & Africa participants at the Palmeraie Golf Palace throughout the meeting.

I have dietary restrictions. Will there be accommodations made for me?

Meals will be served throughout the meeting, with vegetarian options available. Please contact your CGI point of contact should you require any specific accommodations.

How can I attend CGI Middle East & Africa?

CGI is a results-oriented community of companies, NGOs, foundations, and governmental organizations. Although CGI participants come from different backgrounds and share different points of view, they are united by their shared commitment to building a strong, sustainable global community.
Participation is by invitation only and participants are selected based on their effectiveness and commitment to effect positive change. To ensure diverse representation of organizations at our CGI Middle East & Africa Meeting, we take into consideration more than the stand-alone merit of each organization. We work to ensure a balance of representation that spans industry sector, geographic reach, organizational size, and issue areas of focus, among other criteria.
While most organizations pay a participation fee to join, CGI also has complementary participation for NGOs, non-profits and social entrepreneurs, who may not be able to afford to participate, but represent an important constituency or issue area and can bring a valuable voice to the collaborative and diverse CGI community. If you are interested in attending CGI Middle East & Africa, please contact [email protected].

How are the speakers selected for CGI events?

The speaking program for all CGI events is developed under President Bill Clinton’s guidance and based on topical themes and areas of CGI member interest. While there is no formal application process, CGI welcomes your input and suggestions via the Speaker Recommendation Form.

Does CGI provide funding of any kind?

No. CGI convenes leaders to drive action through its unique model. CGI is not a grant-making organization and does not provide funding directly to commitments. Rather than directly implementing projects, CGI facilitates action by helping participants connect, collaborate, and make effective and measurable Commitments to Action – plans for addressing a significant global challenge. CGI supports the development of commitments by facilitating dialogue, providing opportunities to identify partners, and showcasing commitment-makers’ actions and results.