12:00 PM -

 10:00 PM

Opening Plenary Session

4:00 PM -

 5:30 PM

Making a Difference on Campus: A Call to Action

Now more than ever, young people are answering the call to action, whether they are cutting carbon emissions on their campuses or expanding global access to clean water. The opening plenary session will engage a diverse group of leaders on how to take action in CGI U’s five focus areas: education, energy & climate change, global health, peace & human rights, and poverty alleviation. This session will explore the transformative capacity of students and universities to develop and implement innovative, sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

Plenary Session

6:00 PM -

 7:00 PM

The Future of Food

Few issues strike at the nerve of our global interdependence as profoundly as food. In the developing world, drought and ineffective agricultural policies have skyrocketed world grain prices and sent many of the world’s poor only deeper into poverty. In the developed world, the quiet epidemics of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes continue to take their toll on even the most advanced health care systems. Meanwhile, global warming and the rapidly increasing demand for biofuels further threaten the planet’s already unstable food supply chains. Most short-term solutions to the food crisis rarely address the longer-term issues of climate change, biodiversity, desertification, and population growth. How can a planet troubled with both obesity and starvation find common solutions? From community gardens on campus to cutting-edge agricultural science research, this panel will explore tangible ways that students and universities can help to create local and global food systems that are both secure and sustainable.