9:00 AM -

 9:00 PM

Airport Shuttle Service

Shuttle service will be available between the Miami International Airport and the following five CGI U hotels: Hyatt Regency Coral Gables, Westin Coral Gables, Marriott Dadeland, Courtyard by Marriott Dadeland, and the Hampton Inn Dadeland. Shuttles will depart from the airport every 30 minutes. Look for CGI U transportation staff in the baggage claim area of the airport who will direct you to the buses.


12:00 PM -

 10:00 PM

Campus Shuttle Service

Between 12pm (noon) and 10pm, shuttle service will be available between the five CGI U hotels and the University of Miami campus. Shuttles will depart from the hotels and campus every 30 minutes. These shuttles will also be available after the Friday program ends to take attendees back to all five of the hotels.


1:00 PM -

 10:00 PM

On-Site Registration

All CGI U members are required to check-in on-site before attending any of the CGI U events and must pick up their credential and registration materials from the Hurricane 100 Room in the BankUnited Center.

Please allow for time to register before the start of the events you are attending Friday or Saturday. We suggest all attendees register by 4pm Friday in order to arrive at the Opening Plenary in time.


2:00 PM -

 4:00 PM

Commitments Networking Session

The Commitments Networking Session is an opportunity for students to connect with Topic Leaders and other commitment-makers to share ideas, resources, and best practices. 

Opening Plenary

5:00 PM -

 6:30 PM

What If: Igniting the Social Imagination

Like many college students today, the speakers on this panel didn’t begin their work with enormous budgets, front page newspaper coverage, or global networks of supporters. They started out with creative ideas of their own. Whether they wanted to build a 200 miles-per-gallon hybrid vehicle or launch a microfinance project in the Middle East, they often began their work with little more than a mission statement and a social imagination. This panel of innovative leaders from government, academia, and the non-profit sector will share their experiences and describe how they got started, how they achieved scale, and what hurdles they faced along the path from idea to action.


7:00 PM -

 8:00 PM

Closing the Graduation Gap: Ensuring Postsecondary Success for All


Although the U.S. is home to many of the world’s most prestigious universities, just 39 percent of American adults between the ages of 25 and 34 have earned a postsecondary degree. Among African-Americans and Latinos in the same age bracket, only 20 percent have any postsecondary credentials. While a college degree is increasingly fundamental to a student’s future economic success, just 63 percent of American students graduate within six years of matriculation. All too often, the current educational system views college enrollment as a finish line rather than a starting line. How can universities improve graduation rates in a comprehensive, high-impact manner? Streamlining the student aid process and exploring debt forgiveness programs for low-income students who complete their coursework is certainly promising, but college affordability is only one piece of the puzzle. An increased focus on tutoring, faculty-student mentoring, and results-driven remedial education is also crucial in boosting retention rates. Technological innovations in curriculum delivery and interactive, online instruction can work to accommodate different learning styles and provide flexibility to a wide range of students, from high school dropouts to adult learners. Community colleges, which offer both affordability and accessibility, have seen student enrollment surge even in the midst of a recession. The White House recently launched the American Graduation Initiative, a $12 billion effort which seeks to create an additional five million graduates of community colleges by 2020. But government mandates alone cannot fully address the problem. This action-oriented panel will discuss tangible ways that universities, NGOs, and the government can work in partnership to create cost-effective, scalable solutions which could dramatically increase college completion rates in the years ahead.


7:00 PM -

 9:30 PM

Student Welcome Reception

The Welcome Reception at the University Center Patio will have refreshments and Cuban food for all CGI U members. This is a great opportunity to get to know other students attending the CGI U Meeting and enjoy musical entertainment.