Networking Event

5:00 PM -

 7:00 PM

Student Networking Event and Dinner

The Student Networking Event and Dinner is a unique opportunity to meet and share ideas with the other students and nonprofit leaders who are attending CGI U. Upon entering the room, attendees should locate the CGI U focus areas and keywords that are most closely aligned with their respective commitments, and introduce themselves to other participants who share their interests and work.

Opening Plenary Session

7:30 PM -

 9:00 PM

The Power of Public Service

Whether they are volunteering at community health clinics, leading humanitarian missions, launching microenterprises, or staffing military operations, countless public servants are on the front lines of some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Putting mission and vision before pay and prestige, they work across nation, class, culture, political affiliation, and profession to empower marginalized communities, build unlikely partnerships, and propel innovative solutions forward. Although the world depends heavily on such public service, much more could be done to support, encourage, and expand it. How can students and universities foster a greater sense of shared responsibility and shared opportunity, both on and off campus? Panelists will tell their unique stories of public service and discuss effective ways to build a broader culture of active civic engagement.