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Welcome to the CGI U alumni community of over 10,000 individuals who continue to commit themselves to addressing the world's most pressing challenges. As a CGI U alum, you can effectively turn your ideas into action by applying those lessons learned as a student attendee at CGI U. While you continue to have a positive impact in this world, we hope you remain an active member of our global CGI U alumni network.

Stay Connected

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  • Join Our Online Communities: Request to join the CGI U Alumni LinkedIn Group and/or the CGI U Alumni Facebook Group*. Utilize these digital communities to keep in touch, share opportunities and resources, coordinate meetups, ask for and offer your talents, or celebrate the achievements of fellow CGI U commitment-makers.
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  • Submit Accomplishments and Opportunities: We want to hear from you! Email us at [email protected] with information you think we should share with our network.
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Access Resources

  • Find An Alumni Ambassador In Your Region: Connect with an ambassador in a region near you. Click here for a list of CGI U Alumni Ambassadors located around the world.
  • Search Our Commitments Directory: Want to learn more about past CGI U Commitments to Action? Stay tuned for the launch of our CGI U Commitments Directory.
  • Participate in a CGI U Commitment Webinar: Attend a Commitment Webinar to learn about a new topic, idea, or skill that you can apply to your commitment, academics, or profession. Click here for a full list of upcoming webinars.

Apply for Leadership Opportunities

  • Campus Representatives: Are you a current student and former CGI U commitment-maker who wants to promote CGI U on your campus? You can apply to become a Campus Representative. For questions, contact [email protected].
  • Commitment Mentors: If you have graduated with an undergraduate degree and are a former CGI U commitment-maker interested in mentoring current students, apply to become a Commitment Mentor. Mentors facilitate conversation, share resources, promote networking, and help CGI U participants refine their Commitments to Action. For questions, contact [email protected]
  • Alumni Ambassadors: If you have graduated with an undergraduate degree and are a former CGI U commitment-maker interested in helping us strengthen our growing CGI U alumni community, apply to become an Alumni Ambassador. Ambassadors are committed to building stronger connections between CGI U alumni globally, organize affinity groups, and support the ongoing commitments of current students and other CGI U alumni. For questions, contact [email protected].

Nominate Outstanding Individuals

  • Nominate Current Students for CGI U: Every year we seek to identify student leaders who are addressing pressing challenges and turning their ideas into action. If you know any students who would be exceptional candidates for CGI U, fill out this nomination form (coming soon). Individuals nominated will receive an email encouraging them to apply.
  • Recognize Exceptional Alumni for the CGI U Honor Roll: CGI U recognizes alumni who have made a significant impact through their Commitments to Action or their careers and who continue to dedicate their lives to tackling complex challenges. If you know a former CGI U commitment-maker doing extraordinary work or if you are one yourself, you can fill out this nomination form (coming in June 2019). Selected nominees will be featured by CGI U and may be invited to attend the upcoming CGI U meeting.

Support Our Ongoing Efforts

  • University Network Recruitment: Do you work at an institution of higher learning? Or do you want your alma mater to get involved in CGI U? Recruit your school to become a member of the CGI University Network, a growing consortium of colleges and universities that support, mentor, and provide seed funding to leading student innovators and entrepreneurs on their respective campuses. If you are interested in having your current school or alma mater join the University Network, please fill out this form.
  • Recommend A Speaker Or Topic For The CGI U Meeting: Want to help us cultivate meaningful conversations at the CGI U meeting? Complete this form with detailed information about the individual and/or proposed topic.