Alumni Event: Celebrating 12 Years of Impact and Innovation

CGI U’s largest alumni gathering to date will take place at Cornell Tech on Roosevelt Island in New York City on Saturday, November 2, 2019. This CGI U Alumni Event will convene a group of outstanding young leaders, business and nonprofit executives, philanthropists, and members of the media, for reflection on and celebration of social impact and innovation. It will highlight CGI U’s long-term commitment to inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs and providing them, as students and as alumni, with access to a wide range of resources, expertise, and mentorship. The day will feature high-profile plenary sessions led by President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton, in addition to alumni-led small-group discussions and networking opportunities. The event presents a unique opportunity to connect with a diverse global community of entrepreneurs and social innovators who are making impactful contributions to society.

Full-Day Program:

  • 9:30AM - 10:00AM Check-in / Light Breakfast
  • 10:00AM - 10:10AM CGI U Welcome Remarks
  • 10:10AM - 11:00AM Alumni-Led Small Group Discussions: Round 1
  • 11:00AM - 11:15AM Break
  • 11:15AM - 12:30PM Morning Plenary

Beyond the Commitment: Sustaining the Drive to Make a Difference

With a network of over 10,000 alumni from 1,100 schools, 163 countries and all 50 states, CGI U students have made over 8,000 Commitments to Action, positively impacting their hometowns, their college campuses and communities around the globe. From expanding access to solar energy and preventing iron deficiency, to advocating for LGBTQ equality and helping low-income youth access higher education, the talent and dedication of CGI U alumni are a testament to how young intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs are on the frontlines of social impact. Yet behind their successes, alumni have shared the challenges they face every day in their commitment to address society’s most pressing issues. At a time when it is more important than ever for young people to persevere in their drive to make a difference, how can CGI U alumni draw on each other and the broader Clinton Foundation network for strength, support, courage and resilience? In this plenary session, members of the CGI U community will share their journeys through hardship, failures and challenges as they commit each day to making a difference around the world. 

MODERATOR: Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation

  • 12:30PM - 2:00PM Networking Lunch
  • 2:15PM - 4:00PM Afternoon Plenary

Choosing Possibility Over Peril: Lessons in Leadership

The number of global challenges are increasing: from natural disasters caused by climate change to growing income inequality to political conflict and violence around the world. Yet despite - and as a result of - these overwhelming challenges, change leaders have chosen possibility and hope over division and despair.  In this plenary session, leaders from the nonprofit, business and philanthropic sectors will share their experiences, lessons learned and the core values that inform and inspire their leadership during this age of both promise and uncertainty.

MODERATOR: President Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States

  • 4:00PM - 4:15PM Break
  • 4:15PM - 5:05PM Alumni-Led Small Group Discussion: Round 2
  • 5:15PM - 5:30PM CGI U Team Closing Remarks and Next Steps
  • 5:30PM - 6:30PM Alumni Reception