Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ page is directed primarily toward questions about the Innovation Fund pre-application. If you are invited to complete the full application, you will receive additional details at that time. 


Who is eligible to apply for the CGI U Innovation Fund? 
The Innovation Fund application is open to currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate students with Commitments to Action that address one or more of CGI U’s five focus areas; both CGI U attendees and non-attendees are eligible for these awards. CGI U strongly prefers to fund direct costs associated with a student’s Commitment to Action.
The Innovation Fund will not award grants for:
  • Academic research without a tangible, action-focused component
  • Conference registration fees or travel costs
  • Internships
  • Personal stipends
  • Scholarships
  • Staff salaries

The Review Process

How will Commitments to Action be selected for Innovation Fund grants? 
All Commitments to Action will be measured against the following criteria: 
Innovation: The Innovation Fund aims to support commitments that address pressing global challenges in new and impactful ways. Students should provide a clear rationale for how their project aims to successfully improve upon existing programs and/or products.
Scalability and Sustainability: Commitments to Action will be selected based on their ability to demonstrate real and lasting impact. During the selection process, both depth and scale of impact will be considered. Projects must also be capable of sustaining themselves beyond the immediate seed funding allocation. 
Capacity for Partnership: We encourage students to focus on existing relationships and resources that are available to them. Project resources could include university faculty and design resources, relevant non-profits or enterprises, or broader personal or professional networks. 
Is there a minimum GPA/class rank requirement?
No—all currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply regardless of past and/or present academic performance. Primary consideration is given to students with Commitments to Action that best fit the criteria outlined above. A student’s GPA/class rank is an optional portion of the pre-application. 
What is the first Innovation Fund application deadline?
Prospective applicants must complete the pre-application form by Monday, June 27, 2016. Only select students will receive an invitation from the selection committee to submit a full application at a later date in the summer. Please note: we are not currently accepting applications for the 2016 Innovation Fund cycle but will be in touch with applicants in the coming weeks with status updates on their submissions.


If you have additional questions, please email us at: [email protected].