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2:00 PM -

 5:15 PM

Innovation in International Development: Using Technology for Good

Hosted at IDEO's Office in San Francisco, California

The technology industry is changing how we live our lives—from the Internet of Things to ubiquitous access to information. Almost half of the world’s population now regularly accesses the internet and/or has a mobile phone subscription, creating an enormous opportunity for not only the international development sector to use tools of technology in their work, but for tech companies to design new products and services for those already online and the other 3 billion who still need access. From using mobile technology to enhance remote health care, to using drones in disaster response, to finding new ways to extend internet access to rural communities, the tech sector has an amazing opportunity to use its dedication to innovation and creativity for good.


• Learn about the most exciting new uses of technology in the international development space
• Explore sector-specific opportunities to create new products and services that enhance lives around the world
• Learn approaches for building cross-sector partnerships, particularly those between industry and academic/training institutions
• Identify ways to form a coordinated industry response to global challenges