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10:00 AM -

 12:00 PM

Parental and Family Workplace Practices

Hosted at CGI's Offices in New York City, New York

Conditions around family workplace practices—ranging from leave policies, flexible work options, childcare support, and leadership culture—have major implications on childhood development, the health of caregivers and children, and advancement in the workplace. In addition, the business case for improving family workplace practices is clear—the New York Times reported recently that Google reduced attrition of new mother employees by 50 percent when it lengthened maternity leave from three to five months. Although the benefits for both families and employers are apparent, parental leave and family workplace practices in the U.S. are below global standards. During this session, CGI will share a Commitment to Action in development which aims to improve organizations’ parental and family workplace practices. Members will discuss the benefits and business case for investing in families, and participants will share successful practices and challenges from their work in this space. Finally, the commitment-maker will outline a process for organizations to participate in this work.


• Share best practices and benefits of supporting families in the workplace
• Discuss and workshop a commitment in development aimed at improving organizations’ parental and family workplace practices
• Encourage CGI members to engage with the commitment process and develop new partnerships around the issue


Luciana Nunez, Managing Director U.S. - Early Life Nutrition, Danone


2:00 PM -

 4:00 PM

LGBT Rights: Building a Collaborative Global Corporate Response

Hosted at CGI's Offices in New York City, New York

Increasingly, companies and firms are speaking out in support of the rights of their LGBT employees, customers, and related communities and stakeholders. While this vocal response has been loudest in regards to policies in the U.S. and Europe, global organizations are also determined to find a way to uphold these rights in their operations around the world. In this session, CGI members will have the opportunity to workshop commitments-in-development in support of LGBT rights, and will hear from the global LGBT advocacy community about their goals and ideas for successful work in this space.


• Discuss commitments in development that seek to bring a stronger corporate response to the current state of LGBT rights around the world
• Explore ongoing opportunities to share information that supports internal and external advocacy efforts
• Learn approaches for building cross-sector partnerships, particularly those between industry and LGBT rights NGOs
• Identify ways to form industry responses to this challenge


5:00 PM -

 8:00 PM

Addressing Violence Against Women: Commitment Presentations and Networking Session

Hosted in New York City, New York

More than one third of women worldwide will experience physical or sexual violence within their lifetime. Issues including domestic violence, female genital cutting, human trafficking, and rape as a weapon of war all threaten the potential and livelihoods of millions of women and girls worldwide. Gender-based violence does not only negatively impact health and the social cohesion of communities, but also results in a loss of productivity and slows overall economic development. Governments and organizations have implemented a wide-range of strategies to address this violence—ranging from microfinance and gender equality trainings to school-based educational programs. During this event, participants will highlight some of the successes and challenges encountered when implementing programs to end gender-based violence, and will identify potential opportunities for collaboration through Commitments to Action.

• Explore strategies that address gender-based violence
• Highlight commitments in development related to gender-based violence
• Provide an opportunity for networking and partnership building


Manizha Naderi, Executive Director, Women for Afghan Women