Frequently Asked Questions

Who are CGI members?

CGI is a results-oriented community of companies, NGOs, foundations, and governmental organizations. Although CGI members come from different backgrounds and share different points of view, they are united by their shared commitment to building a strong, sustainable global community.

Since 2005, CGI Annual Meetings have convened more than 190 sitting and former heads of state, 21 Nobel Prize laureates, and hundreds of leading CEOs, heads of foundations and NGOs, major philanthropists, and prominent members of the media.

Why join CGI?

Today’s leading companies and nonprofits understand that their employees, stakeholders, and the general public expect great things—not only from the products they produce or the services they provide, but also from the ways in which they work to create value for society.

CGI is dedicated to helping its member organizations maximize their social impact. The widespread and active CGI community shares best practices, forges partnerships, and leverages resources to effect measurable change. Because CGI has worked with thousands of organizations since it was founded in 2005, it has an unrivaled ability to provide advice and guidance and to connect members engaged in similar work through one-on-one introductions, large events, and focused networking opportunities. 

What IS included in membership?

Annual Meeting Attendance
Held in New York each September to coincide with the United Nations General Assembly, the CGI Annual Meeting has emerged as the preeminent venue for leaders across sectors to convene to develop effective solutions to global challenges. The meeting provides these global leaders with opportunities to share knowledge, discuss innovative ideas, and report on the progress of their ongoing work.

Relationship Management
Upon joining CGI, each member is provided with a dedicated account representative who works to enhance your organization's involvement with the CGI community. Whether your organization is in the beginning stages of commitment development or is working to enhance already established programs, your account representative can connect you with new partners, share the latest insights and research, and offer advice and assistance.

Year-Round Engagement
Opportunities to engage with the CGI community are offered within nine broad and cross-cutting Tracks, each representing a topical global challenge or strategic approach. All Tracks contain a number of stand-alone engagements that bring members together to network, share knowledge, and collaborate on new and continuing commitments. Members can customize their year-round experience based on their specific areas of interest.

Commitment Development
A Commitment to Action is not a financial contribution to CGI. Rather, it is a detailed plan of action for addressing an issue such as climate change, poverty, or access to health care. Commitments must meet three basic criteria: they must be new, specific, and measurable. While some members join CGI with a clear idea for a commitment, others work closely with their relationship managers to develop their goals and plan projects. Our staff is available throughout the year to discuss ideas and approaches and help members explore partnership opportunities, which may include joining an existing CGI commitment. Read more about commitments.

Media Support and Showcasing Opportunities
At the Annual Meeting, professional media specialists are available to provide members with advice on their media strategy and answer questions regarding media opportunities. Nearly 1,000 members of the media are on-site credentialed to attend at the Annual Meeting each year to report on the accomplishments of CGI members. Commitment announcements and progress reports are granted a world stage during the Annual Meeting. In addition, the CGI website features the latest news about CGI members and their commitments.

How does an organization become a member?

Participation is by invitation only and members are selected based on their effectiveness and commitment to effect positive change. If your organization has not received an invitation and would like to be considered, please click here and complete the membership inquiry form. The membership fee is $20,000 per year. To ensure diverse representation of nonprofit organizations and the Annual Meeting, CGI takes into consideration more than the stand-alone merit of each organization, working to ensure a balance of representation that spans geographic reach, organizational size, and issue areas of focus, among other criteria.

What are the terms of membership?

The membership fee is $20,000 ($19,000 tax deductible) per year. Membership expires 12 months from the first day of the month in which membership is processed (example: if you register on June 1, 2014, your membership expires on June 1, 2015).

Are membership fees tax-deductible?

Yes. Because the Clinton Global Initiative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, all fees are considered to be tax-deductible contributions. However, this tax deduction is only available to U.S.-based organizations.

For federal income tax purposes, CGI members may deduct $19,000, which is your $20,000 membership fee less $1,000 for its fair value.

I cannot afford the membership fee. Are there any complimentary membership invitations?

While most organizations pay a membership fee to join, CGI also has complementary memberships. These are typically extended to NGOs, nonprofits, and social entrepreneurs who may not be able to afford membership but represent an important constituency or issue area and can bring a valuable voice to the collaborative and diverse CGI community.

Each year, CGI extends a limited number of complimentary membership invitations to nongovernmental and nonprofit organizations. Membership includes an invitation to the Annual Meeting for one individual at the executive director level.

To ensure diverse representation of nonprofit organizations at the Annual Meeting, CGI takes into consideration more than the stand-alone merit of each organization, working to ensure a balance of representation that spans geographic reach, organizational size, and issue areas of focus, among other criteria.

If you would like us to consider your organization for 2016 complimentary membership, please email [email protected]