Membership Benefits

The Clinton Global Initiative is comprised of hundreds of leaders from the business and government sectors, leading foundations, and civil society.

Benefits of annual membership in the Clinton Global Initiative include:

  • Annual Meeting:

    An invitation for your CEO, chairman, president, or executive director to attend the CGI Annual Meeting, hosted by President Bill Clinton. For three days, members connect, hear from influential thought leaders, build new partnerships, and make Commitments to Action.

  • Year-Round Engagement:

    Opportunities to engage with the CGI community are offered within nine broad and cross-cutting Tracks, each representing a topical global challenge or strategic approach. All Tracks contain a number of stand-alone events as well as on-going engagements that bring members together to network, share knowledge, and collaborate on new and continuing commitments. Members can customize their year-round experience based on their specific areas of interest.

  • Relationship Management:

    A dedicated account representative who works to enhance your organization’s involvement with the CGI community and the variety of year-round opportunities that are available.

  • Commitment Development:

    An experienced portfolio team that guides your organization in developing and tracking the progress of your Commitment to Action.

  • Press Support:

    Year-round support from CGI's media relations team, including assistance with press campaigns related to commitments. Additionally, more than 1,000 members of the media will be in attendance at the Annual Meeting to report on the activities of CGI members.