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Mar 21

Chelsea Clinton Talks CGI U on The Tonight Show

Last night, Chelsea joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show where she talked about what’s she’s looking forward to at this year’s Clinton Global Initiative University, where more than 1,000 students are gathering at Arizona State University.

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President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton Convert Dirty Water to Clean

Ridding Rwanda of Dirty Water: President and Chelsea Clinton See a CGI Commitment Up Close

Aug 8, 2013

When a crippling drought rocked East Africa in 2011, Proctor & Gamble responded to the devastation in the best way it knew how: with an ambitious CGI Commitment to Action and a packet of powder no bigger than a tea …

American Adaptability: People, Places, and Enterprise - CGI America 2013

Reclaiming America’s Youth and Recovering Our Economy

Jun 19, 2013
Crime and ennui in Columbia Heights, D.C., overwhelmed the adolescence of Elmer Diaz, a first-generation immigrant from El Salvador. He was always bright, but with his hard-working parents constantly away from home, Elmer’s life became entwined with gangs. He also got into drugs. Then he dropped out of high school.