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Cargotec Corporation

Cargotec Commitment to Reduce Fuel Consumption


In 2007, Cargotec Corporation committed to reduce the fuel consumption of its solutions by 10 percent in the next six to ten years, translating to approximately one million barrels of oil saved and 436,000 tons of carbon dioxide reduced. Cargotec plans to do this by investing in new technologies to find alternative power sources for these applications and by selecting suppliers’ components that contribute to lowering fuel consumption of the equipment.


Recognizing the importance of addressing issues of climate change, Cargotec commits to reducing fuel consumption of cargo handling equipment in ports and local distributions. Cargotec specifically commits to reducing its overall fuel consumption up to 10 percent by raising R&D investments focusing on reducing energy consumption; by investing in new technologies to find alternative power sources; and by undertaking to select other suppliers’ components that contribute to lowering fuel consumption of the equipment. This commitment will contribute to the reduction of approximately one million barrels of oil, ultimately reducing global dependence on petroleum and additionally decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.
Cargotec will implement and execute this commitment appropriately. Operative implementation will be constructed with projects. Generally there will be three main implementation principles to which the different projects are related.
1. Energy-efficiency – target is to be set and implemented as a permanent design factor of the R&D sector.
2. R&D as well as the production units will be supported by appropriate tools in order to achieve the set targets and
3. The cross-functional and cross-business teams will be created to achieve the best practice solutions.
In addition to this, Cargotec is planning possibilities to cooperate deeper with compound suppliers and with the customers in order to develop ever more effective solutions which respond to the market needs as well as to the growing demand for energy efficiency.
Cargotec´s aim is to achieve the decrease of one million barrels of oil. This means low energy consumption rates in new equipment. Energy rates of equipment designed after 2008 are to remain under the rates of similar earlier Cargotec models. Comparison of energy efficiency will be used as measurement criteria.


The expansion of trade and the effects of globalization have significantly increased cargo handling equipments in ports and local distributions worldwide. Cargotec’s current cargo handling equipment runs mainly on diesel engines and load handling equipment used in local distribution, such as building sites, are installed on trucks, which in turn are powered by fossil fuels. Altogether Cargotec’s customers use about 2 billion liters of fuel in their cargo handling processes.

Progress Update

March 2016

There has been a continuous focus on energy-efficient products and systems with following eco-efficient product launches during 2015: K-Motion, a new drive train system embedded in the Gloria reachstacker which has increased fuel reduction during usage time to 40%; ASC 5.0, an automatic stacking crane, which decreased energy usage by approximately 5%; MULTILIFT Future, with energy savings of 10% compared to a standard product; MOFFETT E-Series E2 and EF electric truck-mounted forklifts, which are lithium-ion-powered forklifts that replace the previous diesel-powered models, thereby removing the requirement to use traditional fuels; and the MacGregor semi-electric knuckle-boom crane, a mostly electrically powered crane with hydraulic cylinders to control jib movments that decreases ships’ overall power consumption.

Partnership Opportunities


Cargotec is willing to deeper the dialogue with the actors along the logistic chain to create an open discussion about future cargo handling needs. Universities and research centers are encouraged to join that discussion to find the most environmentally friendly solutions to serve the world in the future.

NOTE: This Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commitment to Action is made, implemented, and tracked by the partners listed. CGI is a program dedicated forging new partnerships, providing technical support, and elevating compelling models with potential to scale. CGI does not directly fund or implement these projects.