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1 year
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Asia; Africa; Middle East & North Africa
Orbis International, Inc.; Helen Keller International; Lions Clubs International Foundation; Dubai Health Authority

Launching Noor Dubai


In partnership with leading international organizations, Noor Dubai will provide therapeutic, preventative, and education programs to treat and prevent blindness and visual impairment in developing countries on a local, regional, and international scale.
Objective 1: River blindness control by mass distribution of ivermecin medicine used for the treatment of river blindness for 5 million people in 5 countries Ethiopia, Cameron, Sudan, Mali and Nigeria.
Objective 2: Building pediatric centers to prevent avoidable childhood blindness to increase the medical and surgical delivery beside building a satellite clinics in remote areas to greatly extend the childhood population having access to critically-needed pediatric eye care services not presently available. Ten countries with significant childhood blindness prevention needs: Egypt, Pakistan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Mali, Nepal, and Indonesia Specific project action plans for developing or expanding specialty pediatric eye clinics will be developed by the local partner/institutions in each country through a guided proposal-development overseen by Noor Dubai with assistance from WHO. The clinical plans for each country would then be further refined at a Project Plan Review Meeting held at either Noor Dubai, at WHO or within the Middle-East the region.
Objective 3: Teaching programs with flying eye hospital (ORBIS)in Kenya, Yemen providing hand on surgical training workshops and lectures for ophthalmologists in the 2 countries which will facilitate exchange of skills and knowledge.
Objective 4: Trachoma control in Ethiopia providing surgical and medical treatment for millions.
0bjective 5: Vitamin A distribution to prevent blindness from lack of vitamin A which affects millions of children in Tanzania, Bangladesh and Indonesia.
Noor Dubai will affect more than 7 million lives.


Noor Dubai’s education initiatives involve increasing public awareness of the detrimental impact of blindness and visual impairment on individual’s lives and on society as a whole, and exposure to the training of those involved in the alleviation of blindness and visual impairment.
The education of health professionals is a sustainable method of ensuring that patients in developing countries have access to trained health professionals in their home country. Furthermore, educating health professionals can empower them to seek further support from hospital administrators and political leaders. More details of our education campaign are forthcoming.
Noor Dubai will utilize its partners staff (Lions International, ORBIS, and Helen keller), its employed Sight First Technical Advisors in the field, local project management committees to closely monitor project implementation, activities and progress attained in relation to project goals and project time project frames outlined here in. Noor Dubai local implementing partners will, according to Noor Dubai existing grant making and project reporting policies, be required to provide Noor Dubai with regular progress reports along with financial reports and accompanying documentation.
Noor Dubai partners shall provide Noor Dubai with quarterly progress detailing overall project activity and finances beginning on October 31st and continuing every 3 months thereafter through December 31, 2009. monthly meetings with partners to plan project and assess progress. Field visiting will evaluate programs.

Progress Update

March 2010
Treatment programs:
– Beneficiaries were patients from the Middle East, Africa and South-East Asian regions. Treatments were for blinding conditions that included Cataract, Glaucoma, Retinal Disease and Squint.
– Countries covered were: Sri Lanka (13,590), Bangladesh (20,200), Sudan (41,728), Pakistan (16,750), Yemen (14,947), Chad (15,000), Niger (16,409), Ethiopia (9,000), Dubai Hospital (800).
Prevention programs:
– Provided preventive management for potentially blinding conditions such as River Blindness and Trichiasis.
– The river blindness program was conducted in 4 African Countries: Mali, Uganda, Cameroon and Ethiopia. Beneficiaries of the medication totaled up to 5,299,401 individuals.
Educational and Training programs:
– Total of 15 programs in established centers such as Dubai hospital.
– Noor Dubai trained eye care professionals and women organizations as well as school teachers on the early detection of eye diseases.
– Educated women on the importance of eye care in children.
– Trained 80 primary health care workers, 80 teachers, 300 volunteer leaders in women’s groups and 260 healthcare providers for secondary eye care centers.
– Also, during its prevention of River Blindness program, Noor Dubai trained 152, 567 community drug distributors in Africa.
April 2009
Noor Dubai is currently operating 3 programs:
Treatment of Diseases:
– Opened 10 eye campse to treat over 100,000 visually impaired individuals in Pakistan, Sudan, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Chad and Niger
– Started cataract and trichiasis surgical program in Ethiopia
Prevention of eye Disease:
– 459,000 individual cases of ‘River Blindness’ prevented. In an effort to eradicate eye diseases, Noor Dubai has targeted prevention of ‘River Blindness’ in 4 African countries: Cameron, Uganda, Mali, and Ethiopia, to cover a population of over 6 million individuals.
Education and training for early detection and management of eye disease:
– Trained 50 ophthalmologists (globally)
– Trained 80 volunteers from women organizations (Ethiopia)
– Trained 80 Teachers and Nurses (Ethiopia)

Partnership Opportunities

SEEKING: media and marketing assistance. Noor Dubai is currently privately funded by HH SHK. Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum prime minister and ruler of Dubai.
OFFERING: financial resources, implementing partners. We partner with NGO’s in the prevention

NOTE: This Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commitment to Action is made, implemented, and tracked by the partners listed. CGI is a program dedicated forging new partnerships, providing technical support, and elevating compelling models with potential to scale. CGI does not directly fund or implement these projects.