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Obesidade Infantil NÃO


In 2013, Amil committed to implementing Obesidade Infantil NÃO, a program that focuses on the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity throughout Brazil. The initiative will generate awareness and promote educational initiatives that involve physicians and other health care professionals as well as groups such as schools and universities, parents, and children, directly impacting 18,000 children and expecting mothers in 2014 alone. Obesidade Infantil NÃO will utilize media channels, technical and non-technical meetings, manuals, a specific website, a digital platform, and a series of other initiatives to convey the long term implications of childhood obesity and share successful prevention practices.


In 2013, Amil continues to commit its resources to help fight Brazil’s childhood obesity epidemics.
Sa?de360, a new campaign, will focus on the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity. It is built upon the knowledge and successful practices derived from P.R.O Mam?e & Beb? and M.A.I.S. Sa?de360 will generate awareness and promote educational initiatives around childhood obesity by involving physicians and other health care professionals in Amil’s contracted network (which has over 2,210 pediatricians and 3,123 obstetricians) as well as groups out of the Amil network such as private schools and universities, parents, and children.
Sa?de360 will utilize media channels, technical and non-technical meetings, advertisement, manual distribution, a specific website, a digital platform, and a series of other initiatives to convey the importance of the theme and how to prevent and treat childhood obesity
Amil is partnering with medical societies, unions, third sector organizations, and other institutions to maximize the program’s reach. Amil’s marketing, IT, sustainability, and technical departments will all work together towards a successful implementation of Sa?de360.
Fourth Quarter 2013
– Strategic partnerships will be formalized with the Brazilian Pediatrics Society(SBP), the Brazilian Federation of Associations of Gynecology and Obstetrics – (FEBRASGO), and the Martag?o Gesteira Institute of Pediatrics and Puericulture of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
– Amil will define the Sa?de360 project specifications, including approval of the marketing budget for 2014, advertising campaign, media planning and public relations program; design of IT platform for inclusion, monitoring, and delivery of feedback to patients
– The expansion of existing programs P.R.O. Mam?e & Beb? and M.A.I.S will continue, including the contracting of health care professionals and the implementation of infrastructure in new regions
First Quarter 2014
– The program will be formally launched. Between January and April, Amil will run a TV ad about the fight against childhood obesity and will publish a manifesto in Brazil’s main newspapers. The Sa?de360 Website will be launched containing a plethora of recommendations and tools to prevent, detect, and treat childhood obesity. It will include tips on healthy nutrition such as breast feeding, introduction of food for young children, and exercise in small spaces. It will also offer an area for children, with educational games, a link to the ‘Nutri Ventures cartoons’ (which promote healthy nutrition); provide mothers and children with recipes and guidelines for healthy grocery shopping and label reading
– In addition, Healthcare professionals in the Amil own and contracted networks will be reached through e-mail marketing – through awareness and educational campaigns
– A public event will bring experts in the various fields involved in the epidemics, study, prevention, and treatment of childhood obesity to discuss the theme for a general audience
– Between the first and second quarters of 2014, in separate events in all regions covered by Amil, health professionals will be invited to a technical discussion
– Amil will work with healthcare schools to emphasize in their curricula the dangers of and approach to childhood obesity
– An IT platform will be built to allow the registering, monitoring of, and giving feedback and motivation to patients. With the parent’s authorization, doctors will be able to access their patients’ progress
– Amil employees will receive education on the issue through meetings and the Intranet


According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics Childhood, obesity is a fast growing epidemic in Brazil. Today, more than 33% of Brazilian children between the ages of 5 and 9 are overweight and more than 14% are obese, in comparison to 13.45% and 3.25%, respectively, in 1989. It is estimated that approximately 50% of obese children at the age of ten and 100% of obese children at the age of twelve, will become obese adults. Most adulthood chronic diseases are rooted in obesity and therefore the childhood obesity epidemic in Brazil is likely to result in a sharp increase in chronic diseases. To stop this cycle, childhood obesity must be addressed.
To date, Amil has launched programs focused on fighting this issue including P.R.O Mam?e & Beb? and M.A.I.S. Mam?e & Beb? is dedicated to health promotion for pregnant women and their children, ages 0 to 12 months. The primary objective of this program is to fight childhood obesity through the promotion of proper nutrition during pregnancy, through awareness-raising of child nutrition best practices such as breastfeeding and solid-food transitions for infants. These actions are implemented through group educational sessions during pregnancy, post-natal visits, and advice given through a hotline. The second program, M.A.I.S., fights chronic childhood obesity, focused on children ages 6 to12, through group and individual care. This program encourages a range of dietary changes and physical activities. Both programs run within Amil’s proprietary network.

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