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One Young World


In 2010, Havas committed to scaling up its global movement, One Young World (OYW), which empowers young leaders of the future with a voice and a media platform. They will scale up OYW in a number of ways, including doubling the number of participants from 800 to 1,600, bringing larger delegations from China and India, the world’s most populous nations, and representing each of the 194 countries in the world at their 2011 conference.


The approach that Havas will take to scale-up One Young World before its 2011 summit is twofold:
Inspiring Action:
One Young World Convening Ambassadors are the national faces of One Young World and are responsible for raising awareness of One Young World and promulgating the One Young World resolutions in their countries and regions. They monitor the actions of their fellow ambassadors, are responsible for ensuring their own return at the next summit, and help to identify and support outstanding delegate-caliber candidates on a national level. They maintain national networks primarily through online tools and use of social media, including Skype conference-calling, and Facebook groups. These are the tools best suited to overcome the physical distances and cost challenges between them and fellow ambassadors, and they are also most familiar with them.
Convening around Pressing Issues:
The One Young World Plenary topics for its 2011 summit include:
The Environment and its Protection
Interfaith Dialogue
Global Business and its Role in shaping society
Media and its changing Identity and Power
The Global Health Agenda
Developing Leadership for a Positive Future
Convening ambassadors are encouraged to publicize One Young World and promote its ideals. They are afforded autonomy, with some guidance if needed, regarding how they communicate and take action, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach which may not be considerate of national or cultural contexts. Implementation varies. In Africa for example, a popular approach is to set up ‘One Young World Clubs,’ getting people together under the belief of ‘each one teach one.’ In the Middle East, social media is more popular, whilst in Latin America, ambassadors have broken through to traditional media including newspapers and radio to communicate about One Young World.
September 2010: One Young World 2011 announcement begins a year of recruiting delegates from around the world, while the original OYW 2010 ambassadors continue to report on their actions to the One Young World team on a monthly basis.
September 2011: Summit where ambassadors will give a full report on their various projects as in-line with the six 2010 resolutions.
Having successfully established One Young World in 2010, Havas is now building upon it and scaling it up significantly in a number of ways. Deliverables and activities include:
– Doubling the number of participants from approx. 800 to 1,600
– Having 194 countries in the world represented at OYW 2011, up from 112 in 2010
– Recruiting larger delegations from China and India, the most populous and newly-industrializing nations, to ensure their amazing pool of leadership potential doesn’t go unfulfilled
– Ambassadors from the original summit have had the benefit of linking up with the influence of the counselors. For example, James Alcime in Haiti has signed an agreement with Muhammad Yunus’ Grameen Creative Lab and YY Haiti to fund a social business idea aimed at improving nutrition and providing employment for young Haitians
– Bringing new counselors of greater scale and from outside the UK and Europe to stand alongside the likes of Tutu, Geldof, Yunus and Annan
– Having Ambassadors report back to the summit – and the watching world’s media – on the activities they have undertaken and projects they have started since being inspired and empowered by OYW 2010
– Using alternative social networks such as Facebook to drive applications across the world
– One Young World in Action and our events partner Brandfuel will provide ambassadors with advice and best-practice solutions on their post-summit activities, from publicity to fundraising to business plans for the projects they’ve started up
– Build into OYW 2011 a specific session about taking action in line with Clinton Global Initiative


Young people today represent a unique generation. The digital revolution has made today’s youth completely different from any generation that has come before. Thanks to technology, they have access to an unprecedented amount of knowledge and information. Education used to be about the quality of teachers and teaching establishments, but now anyone with an internet connection and interest can learn whatever they want, whenever they want. Technology has also given young people an unparalleled ability to influence and effect change.
Through One Young World, young leaders will be mentored by luminaries like Desmond Tutu, Bob Geldof, Kofi Annan and Muhammad Yunus. This forum also harnesses digital tools and social media to ensure these future leaders act with influence that no generation in history has had before.

Progress Update

April 2013
The One Young World Summit 2012, held in Pittsburgh in October was a fantastic success. It brought together more delegates from more countries and more companies than any of the previous summits: 1,200 delegates coming from 183 countries and sponsored by 224 of the world’s leading companies. World leaders such as President Bill Clinton, Kofi Annan, Prof. Muhammad Yunus, and Jack Dorsey gave their time to meet and debate with the Ambassadors, contributing to inspiring solutions and the adoption of concrete commitments by the One Young World community. One Young World is now preparing for the 2013 Summit, which will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa. One Young World is looking forward to welcoming more than 1,300 delegates from 196 countries in one of the most active cities in the most promising continent.
Another major development from our 2012 Sumimt was the launching of a Business Accelerator. The selected businesses have already reached major milestones, such as the opening in March 2013 of the OYW Bookbridge Learning Centre in Takeo, Cambodia, which offers a free library and a range of educational courses. Other businesses in line for loan/investment-level support are one which makes beautiful jewelry from scrap landmines in post-conflict areas and another which swaps kerosene lamps for cleaner, cheaper and sustainable solar lights in rural areas, in this case North Ghana.Other recipients of the OYW Social Business Accelerator’s support run outreach programs to homeless youth in the US, an urban agriculture program in Colombia and two sustainable development businesses in South Africa; an innovative toilet system that will save water for the user, improve hygiene and sanitation, while benefiting the environment, and a community-based multi-recycling center in Soweto. Applications for the next round of funding and support are open and One Young World is working on engaging its partners and the wider community in supporting the Accelerator.
In 2012, One Young World also made the important step of obtaining charity status in the United Kingdom and 501(c)(3) status in the US, thus becoming an independent legal entity. The move will help to develop partnerships and also clarifies One Young World’s link with Havas. The charity status will facilitate One Young World’s links with major businesses and help create practical agendas for change. The founders believe that young people can and should be the driving force in turning businesses into socially responsible contributors to society.Our Ambassadors are currently involved in more than 375 projects in the fields of education, health, global business, sustainable development, human rights and transparency.

Partnership Opportunities

2013: Seeking partners/resources
Becoming a Delegate Partner positions organizations to be a force for good. Current Delegate Partners are among the world’s leading companies, NGOs, foundations and universities. No matter what kind of operation, they all have one thing in common: the inclusion of the next generation of leaders in their organization’s development and vision for the future.
2012: Other
One Young World brings together the next generation of world leaders. The CGI platform and its partners have the access to and the knowledge of the young leaders, from every sector, who should be delegates to One Young World. One Young World needs the partnership of those organizations, businesses and individuals who are able to select and to support delegates to the One Young World Summit 2011 held in Zurich in September.
The 800+ One Young World 2010 Ambassadors are active in delivering their Resolutions regarding the Environment, Interfaith Dialogue, the Role of Global Business in Society, the Changing Role of Media, Global Health and Politics for a Positive Future. Many have launched major projects. They represent a formidable task force and would partner with those CGI members delivering action in those areas.

NOTE: This Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commitment to Action is made, implemented, and tracked by the partners listed. CGI is a program dedicated forging new partnerships, providing technical support, and elevating compelling models with potential to scale. CGI does not directly fund or implement these projects.