Contributor and Grantor Information

The Clinton Foundation's impact would not be possible without the generous support of our donors and grantors. Their contributions and grants have made a difference in the lives of tens of millions across the world. As part of the Foundation's commitment to transparency, we publicly disclose those who support our efforts on a quarterly basis. This list is comprised of those who have made contributions or grants to advance the work of any part of the Clinton Foundation, as well as membership, sponsorship, and conference fees for the Clinton Global Initiative. This list indicates cumulative lifetime giving through March 2018. 

Their generosity makes our work possible and we thank them.

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Donor name
Emilio Diez Barroso
Matthew R. DiGennaro
Michelle DiGiovanni-Harold
James G. Dinan
Ted Dintersmith
Sarah Dioguardi
Direct News Private Limited ^
John Dittmar
Phyllis L. Dixon
Bosko Djordjevic
Dobkin Family Foundation ^
DocuSign, Inc. ^
David Dodson ^
Domtar Paper Company, LLC ^
Dow Corning Corporation ^
Dowdy Family Foundation
Jane Dowling
Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation ^
Drexel University ^
Dripdrop ^
John F. Driscoll ^
DSM Nutritional Products Ltd. ^
Andre Dua ^
Judith Duavit Vazquez ^
Dubai Financial Market ^
Joseph Duffey
Dun And Bradstreet Credibility Corp. ^
Jane B. Dunaway
Dundee Securities Corporation ^
DuPont Company ^
Sarah duPont ^
Durabilis ^
DuSable Capital Management ^
Dutco Group ^
D-Waste ^
E. Oppenheimer And Son ^
Earthshine Foundation ^
East Meets West Foundation ^
East Side Entrees ^
Ecoamerica ^
EcoPower Brazil ^
Wesley R. Edens
Andrea G. Edlow
Mary Edlow
Tracey Edmonds ^
EDP Energias do Brasil ^
Educate Girls ^
Vladimir Efros
Brian Egolf
John B. Ehrenkranz


^ Indicates contributions exclusively for CGI activities such as memberships, sponsorships, and conference fees.
* Indicates a contribution was made by this donor in the first quarter of 2018.
** Indicates government grants.