Contributor and Grantor Information

The Clinton Foundation's impact would not be possible without the generous support of our donors and grantors. Their contributions and grants have made a difference in the lives of tens of millions across the world. As part of the Foundation's commitment to transparency, we publicly disclose those who support our efforts on a quarterly basis. This list is comprised of those who have made contributions or grants to advance the work of any part of the Clinton Foundation, as well as membership, sponsorship, and conference fees for the Clinton Global Initiative. This list indicates cumulative lifetime giving through December 2016. 

Their generosity makes our work possible and we thank them.

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Donor name
Rosalie K. Orrick
F Orsi
Arturo Ortega
Donna Ortega ^
Abel Ortiz ^
Jose L. Ortiz
Jennings Osborne
Mitzi Osborne
Sean P. O'Shea
David Osher ^
Amy Oshinsky ^
Kasey Oshita
Kiyohiro Oshita
Thomas R. Osowski
Robert T. Osterkil
Neil Ostlund
Peter Ostreicher
Michael O'Sullivan
Ernesto R. Otero
Sven A. Ottersten
Barbara S. Ottinger *
David M. Otto
Dorothy H. Otwell
Ouisa LLC ^
Anna Ouroumian
Carlos Ovelar
Overdeck Family Foundation ^
Alison Overseth ^
Susan L. Overton
Ibrahim M. Oweiss
Gregory Owen
Sonya Owen *
Stephanie Owens
Lynn Owino
OwnEnergy, Inc. ^
Russell T. Owyoung
Joan Oxford
Terrell Oxford
MaryBeth Oyer ^
Evren Ozargun
Mehmet Ozbilgin
Hasan Ozdemir
Nancy Ozeas
Osman Oztoprak
P&M Management Realty Company Corporation
Fernando Pacheco
Grace R. Pacheco
Pacific Community Ventures ^
Pacific Nails Corp
Trevor Packer ^


^ Indicates contributions exclusively for CGI activities such as memberships, sponsorships, and conference fees.
* Indicates a contribution was made by this donor in the first quarter of 2017.
** Indicates government grants.