Recognizing Our Generous Supporters

The Clinton Foundation's impact would not be possible without the generous philanthropic support of thousands of individuals, corporations, foundations, and other funders. Their contributions continue to make a difference in the lives of tens of millions of people in the U.S. and around the world. We are grateful for their support and pleased to recognize them in the listing below, which is updated quarterly, consistent with the Foundation’s commitment to transparency. The list recognizes cumulative lifetime giving from those who have made contributions to advance any aspect of the Foundation’s mission, including through gifts, grants, memberships, sponsorships, and conference fees. This includes support for the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Presidential Center. Current listings include giving through September 2019. We thank them all for their generosity.


Displaying 901 - 950 of 1558 records.
Donor name
Mike and Barbara Lynn Philanthropic Fund
Andy Milder
Wilbur Milhouse
Andrew Miller
Diane Miller
Heidi G. Miller
Jesse Miller [Jessica Miller]
Joseph Miller
Lee Miller
Myron M. Miller
Alice-Ann W. Mills
Colleen and Robert Millstone
Julie Minerva ^
Shaminder Minhas
Judith A. Minkin
Mario P. Minotti
Vince Mirabelli
Uma Ballava Mishra
Saurabh Mittal
Ellyn R. Mittman
Mobley Contractors, Inc.
Jasvant Modi
Michael I. Moehn
J. C. Moffatt ^
Mary Mogge
Pierce Moghaddam
Valerie Moizel
Regina Montoya
Alma B. Moore *
Diane Moos
Javier F. Moreno-Valle
Maura B. Morey
Jason Morgan
Pamela A. Morgan
Morris Foundation *
John D. Morrison
John Morrison
Shahzad Mossanen
Anthony Moy
Luciano Mueller
William Mueller
Beth Mullins [Beth Scarvey]
Municipal Credit Union ^
Donald N. Munro
mwansa mupunda
Gina M. Murdock
Maurine M. Murtagh
Robert Myers
Richard A. Nadeau
Bruce Naegel


^ Indicates contributions exclusively for CGI activities such as memberships, sponsorships, and conference fees.
* Indicates a contribution was made by this donor in the third quarter of 2019.
** Indicates government grants.