Read to Lead: Celebrate Independence

The Clinton Presidential Center’s Read to Lead Series is all about helping young learners become great readers, leaders, and active citizens. We will explore some interesting topics, like how to be a good member of your community and learn more about yourself and the culture and history of our neighbors. This enriching event is free to the public.

Join us on Saturday, July 13 at 10 a.m. CT, at the Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library & Learning Center for Read to Lead: Celebrate Independence! We will read stories about citizenship and 4th of July celebrations. You can create crafts and enjoy joyful music-making activities.

Book 1: “Daniel’s First Fireworks” by Becky Friedman 

Daniel Tiger and his family are going to see a special fireworks show on Jungle Beach! At first, Daniel is scared of how loud the fireworks are, but when Daniel holds his little sister’s hand, he feels better. This sweet storybook about a first experience is sure to be a hit with Daniel Tiger fans!

Book 2: “Baby’s Big World: US Government” by Julia Garstecki

It’s never too early to introduce future leaders to how the government works. Americans vote for people they think will make America better. Equip little learners with an early understanding of the U.S. government in this dazzlingly colorful board-book primer. Take a look inside the government’s Legislative Branch, Judicial Branch, and Executive Branch in Washington, D.C. Who works in each branch? What is each branch’s role? And don’t forget the most important part of government: the voter! This little book is perfect for inquisitive, wide-eyed little ones who are sure to become future change-makers. Unique illustrations by Hilli Kushnir help to explain complex topics to young ones.


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