Spring Break at the Clinton Center

Visitors of all ages can unleash their creativity and express how they can make a difference in their communities through hands-on, interactive experiences.

Visitors can create a fabric square representing a change they wish to see in their community. The materials provided will allow visitors to craft an image that showcases their vision for a better future. Visitors can opt-in to join the live community quilt by snapping a polaroid picture and sharing what their square represents. This community quilt will grow throughout the week to create a testament to the collective aspirations of those who visit the center.

We are also partnering with the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts to support and contribute to the Art Garden, a community-created art installation that will be part of their Grand Opening on April 22. By making an origami lotus, one of the thousands to be installed, you will help transform the Museum’s surrounding landscape into a dynamic composition of color, shape, and movement, creating a stunning and memorable experience for all visitors.