Jun 02
The Clinton Foundation invites you to attend:

20/30 Workshop: Social Enterprise Roundtables

Impact Hub | 394 Broadway | New York City | 6:30 – 8:30 PM

The Clinton Foundation convenes businesses, governments, NGOs, and individuals to solve the world’s most pressing global challenges. On Thursday, June 2, from 6:30 to 8:30 P.M., members of our 20/30 young professional community are invited to join the conversation.

Co-hosted by SOCAP 365, the evening will first feature three social enterprises that are working to address the following Clinton Foundation issue areas: economic empowerment, climate change, and community health. These for-profit solutions will demonstrate how business is being used as a force for good.

In the second half of the evening, we will host dynamic Social Enterprise Roundtables, facilitated by our partner A Hundred Years. This hands-on, dig-in workshop, built for experts and newcomers alike, will identify new ideas, brainstorm innovative solutions, and explore potential alliances for impact.

Reserve your seat at the table today.

About Clinton Foundation 20/30

Through leadership development, professional growth, and volunteer opportunities, Clinton Foundation 20/30 provides emerging leaders in their 20s and 30s with a platform to build a better world by, for, and in the year 2030. To become a member, and for more information, please visit

Thank You to our Partners  

      SOCAP 365 is a year-round event series building off the success of the annual Social Capital Markets (SOCAP) conference. Through thought leadership panels, inclusive dialogues, and community-building events in multiple locations, SOCAP 365 serves the rapidly growing global network of impact investors, social entrepreneurs, conscious corporations, philanthropists, government agencies, and innovators in every sector.

A Hundred Years is team of designers, strategists, storytellers, technologists and changemakers helping organizations create long-term impact.



About our Featured Social Enterprises

Square Roots Square Roots is a discovery company focused on empowering women throughout the pregnancy and postpartum experience by connecting the dots of innovative care models to human needs. By integrating new technology and scientific findings with intelligent partnerships from medicine to policy to maternal care takers, Square Roots brings needed solutions and resources to the most critical period of life: our beginning.

The Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA) applies a social enterprise model to help feed and reforest a renewed Haiti by establishing farmer cooperatives, building agricultural export markets, creating rural farm businesses and contributing to community development.

BioLite is a dynamic social enterprise that develops, manufactures, and markets consumer energy products for off grid communities around the world. The company creates breakthrough cooking, charging, and lighting solutions for both outdoor enthusiasts as well as rural families living in energy poverty.