Jun 17
Bridge Builders

An Inspiring Conversation with Ambassador Capricia Penavic Marshall

Virtual conversation

In her roles as social secretary to President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton and chief of protocol for President Barack Obama, Capricia Penavic Marshall not only bore witness to history, she facilitated it. From arranging a room to have an intended impact on the participants to knowing which cultural gestures earned trust, her behind-the scenes preparations laid the groundwork for successful diplomacy between heads of state around the world and tilted the playing field in her team's favor.

Join us June 17 for a virtual Bridge Builders conversation with Ambassador Marshall as she offers a sneak peek of her new book, "Protocol — The Power of Diplomacy and How it Can Work for You," a "how to" guide to using the tools of diplomacy in work and everyday life. RSVP HERE.

Bridge Builders: An Inspiring Conversation with Ambassador Capricia Penavic Marshall
Wednesday, June 17, 2020  |  6:30 p.m. CDT

Bridge Builders is sponsored by Coulson Oil

Pre-order your copy of "Protocol" from the Clinton Museum Store.

About Bridge Builders
President Clinton said, “In the end, all that matters are the builders. And after the builders are forgotten, all that remains are the ripples of what they’ve built.” Bridge Builders will present the stories of distinguished change makers, thought leaders, and influencers. This programming series presented by the Clinton Presidential Center and sponsored by Coulson Oil.

Each conversation will allow our compelling speakers to share their insightful perspectives; name pivotal moments that inspired them – and why; and offer first-hand accounts of the moments that shaped their lives and, in many cases, the course of history. The conclusion of each conversation will include a call to action, a charge to each person in attendance to learn more or do something that adds to the bridge that, together, we are building to the future.