Nov 05
Clinton Presidential Center

'The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman' Screening & Discussion

3 p.m. | Little Rock, Arkansas

Join us for a special screening and discussion of the National Geographic series "The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman.” The screening will feature two upcoming episodes, which both include Freeman interviewing President Bill Clinton. The post-screening discussion will include a conversation with the series’  Executive Producer James Younger.

"The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman" Screening & Discussion
Sunday, November 5, 2017
Doors Open: 2:30 p.m. | Screening Begins: 3 p.m.
Clinton Presidential Center

This event is FREE and open to the public, but reservations are required.

From the award-winning team behind "The Story of God with Morgan Freeman" comes the new, six-part series, "The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman." At a time when events seem to be driving cultures apart and splintering our own, Morgan Freeman goes on a global journey to understand how human culture has taken so many remarkable forms. At the root of his quest is a drive to uncover the fundamental forces that keep our societies together, while revealing the common humanity that lies inside each one of us. Vast in his scope of inquiry yet with an intimate approach to each subject, Freeman meets people from all over the globe to explore the strength of belief, the thirst for power, how love shapes us, the role conflict plays in our lives, the spirit of rebellion, and the concept of freedom.

"Us and Them"
Premieres Wednesday, Nov. 8, at 9/8c
Can we bridge the divide between “us and them?” At a time when the whole world seems to be polarizing into irreconcilable camps, Freeman sets out on a journey in search of the forces that push us apart, from intolerance of differences to fear of outsiders, and the possibilities of coming together.

"The Power of Us"
Premieres Wednesday, Nov. 15, at 9/8c
Can we find a way to distribute power so that everyone has their say? President Bill Clinton explains the challenges of making decisions that affect hundreds of millions of lives, and Freeman learns about an African woman who has created a society without men. Additionally, the episode explores how the rise of the internet may fundamentally change how democracy works.