Jul 23
July 23, 2012

Africa 2012: Day 6


President Clinton Visits a Starkey Hearing Foundation Event in Uganda

On Friday President Clinton traveled to Uganda and visited two organizations which have made commitments through the Clinton Global Initiative – the Building Tomorrow Academy of Bubeezi and the Starkey Hearing Foundation. President Clinton also visited a Clinton Health Access Initiative National Medical Store and Prescription Distribution Center where he discussed a new program to scale-up the treatment for diarrhea. View photos from the visits. Two delegation members who joined President Clinton on the trip – Jonathan Orszag, senior managing director, Compass Lexecon, LLC, and Jeffrey Wright, acclaimed actor and founder,Taia Peace Foundation – share their thoughts on our blog. Jonathan writes on our blog about how Clinton Foundation partnerships are strengthening Uganda, and Jeffrey reflects on our blog on how President Clinton is helping to transform Africa's future. 

President Clinton visited the Building Tomorrow Academy and met with academy students, educators, and the organization's founder and country director. Building Academy works to expand education for underserved children in East Africa, and through a 2011 Clinton Global Initiative commitment, Building Tomorrow is planning to enroll 15,000 primary school students annually in 60 Building Tomorrow Academies by 2016. Building Tomorrow has completed construction on 13 schools, and the academy of Bubeezi is the eighth and most recent Building Tomorrow Academy in Uganda.

President Clinton also visited the Starkey Hearing Foundation while in Kampala, Uganda, to provide 250  hearing aids to children. Through a 2010 Clinton Global Initiative commitment, the Starkey Hearing Foundation committed to donate one million hearing aids to children in the developing world by 2020. The Starkey Foundation has already fitted 110,000 hearing aids and have conducted hearing programs in 100 countries worldwide.

President Clinton's final stop in Uganda was at the CHAI National Medical Store and Prescription Distribution Center. President Clinton toured the center where all medicines are inventoried for the public health sector and spoke at a roundtable to discuss CHAI's new treatment program for diarrhea. Diarrhea contributes to approximately 10% to Uganda's national cause of child mortality, and CHAI is scaling-up their efforts to expand access to an affordable treatment of oral rehydration salts and zinc. Through this treatment, Uganda can prevent tens of thousands child deaths.