Jan 01
January 1, 2012

Featured Solutions: Business Park Walking Club


Inspired by last the 2012 Health Matters conference, Beth Oden started a program to help companies make physical activity part of the workday.

Pledge by: Beth Oden 
Location: Boulder, Colorado 

Even in an active city like Boulder, Colorado, making health and fitness a priority can be challenging – particularly for adults who spend the majority of their day at work. Fortunately, small steps can make a big difference in individual health outcomes, and workplaces are a good place to start. 

After attending the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters conference in the Coachella Valley last January, Beth Oden was inspired by Keen Inc.’s “Recess is Back” campaign, which provides technical support to small businesses who are interested in pursuing employee wellness programs but who may not have the resources needed to implement them. She decided to do something similar to create awareness and action in her own community. 

Together with another conference attendee, Peter (who is also in her office building in Boulder), Beth decided to use the Recess Kit and other tools available on the Keen website to start her own Recess at Work program. They scheduled “recess” in the morning and afternoon a few times per week, and began collecting toys – balls, cones, hula hoops – to encourage fun physical activity. 

Beth believes that, by documenting the process and noting best practices, they can set up a “recess in a box” to share with others and inspire more communities to take action. She has established two Facebook pages and Wordpress blogs to promote not only her own work but other successful programs she finds online. By sharing information and providing “bite-size” solutions, she hopes she can encourage others to follow in her footsteps and take action for health.