Mar 04
March 4, 2013

Engaging the Next Generation to Give Back


One of my favorite pastimes is to share meals and conversations with my friends, many of whom I have met throughout my development and fundraising career.  We talk a lot about the causes and candidates we have championed and how far philanthropy has come in the past 15 years.  These dinners tend to continue long into the evening; as we love to reminisce about events we have planned, candidates we have travelled with, and how we have built interest and involvement in our causes.

Throughout our discussions, we have come to one simple and exciting conclusion: right now, there’s more giving back than ever before. 

A recent study called the Millennial Impact Report – a study of 6,522 Millennials (ages 20-35) –shows that this generation is highly educated and wants to be more involved with non-profits that they are passionate about. And through the Internet, social media, and technology, it is easier than ever before for this generation to connect with like-minded people and support causes that are unique their interests. 

Since Millennials are so dedicated to getting involved, new online tools are being created every day to put philanthropy in the hands of the next generation of leaders and activists. Through these platforms people can also connect with others who have the same charitable interests, and cultivate their own online philanthropic community.

At the Clinton Foundation, we are harnessing this energy and engaging this generation in a variety of ways, from offering unique volunteer opportunities to building an online community through social media to activating support through peer-to-peer fundraising platforms such as CrowdRise.  Additionally, the Millennium Network hosts events around the world to educate and engage the next generation of leaders and philanthropists on the Foundation’s life-changing work

And tonight at our next Millennium Network event, President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton will be discussing the work of the Clinton Foundation, the importance of engaging younger generations, as well as the technological strides being made in the philanthropic space with actor and philanthropist – and Crowdrise co-founder – Edward Norton.

Check out the Millennium Network on Facebook and CrowdRise and learn how you can make a difference in the issues you care about. And then get together with your friends for dinner and discuss how cool it is to get involved and give back.