Photo Credit: Debra Kellner / Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership
May 16
May 16, 2013

President Clinton Visits Clinton Foundation Projects in Latin America


Photo: President Clinton, Frank Giustra, and Marco A. Slim in Peru with female entrepreneurs who will benefit from the Clinton Foundation’s new program with Nestlé and Proctor & Gamble. The program will help low-income entrepreneurs increase their incomes by expanding market access and sell hard-to-access products in remote villages of Peru.

On May 14 and 15, President Bill Clinton traveled to Peru and Colombia with philanthropists Frank Giustra and Marco A. Slim to visit Clinton Foundation projects and announce new efforts that will positively impact disadvantaged communities in Latin America. The new Foundation projects, which are part of the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (formerly known as the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative) engages the private sector, governments, and local communities to create opportunity by providing greater access to jobs and training, and the ability to ultimately work themselves out of poverty.

With a strategic focus on job creation and income generation, the Foundation’s newest projects in Colombia and Peru will target key market, supply chain, and demographic gaps to provide new dynamic opportunities for thousands of individuals, communities, and businesses across the region. On Tuesday, President Clinton announced an agreement between the Foundation and the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Trade & Tourism. The partnership will invest a total of $900,000 over the next three years to train local producers to supply quality products to the regional hospitality and restaurant sector and will benefit more than 1,800 people in the region by creating jobs and increasing income opportunities.  Also in Peru, President Clinton, Frank Giustra, and Marco A. Slim joined representatives from Nestlé and Procter & Gamble to announce the companies’ pledge to distribute discounted goods through the Partnership’s developing Remote Distribution project. The project works with local female entrepreneurs to sell hard-to-access products in their own communities. Additionally, Nestlé and Procter & Gamble will provide nutrition and hygiene training for the entrepreneurs, enabling them to add value in the sale of these products within their communities.

On Wednesday, President Clinton, Frank Giustra, and Marco A. Slim visited Colombia, where they inaugurated two new ventures that will provide employment to underserved communities and support network links between local entrepreneurs and private sector markets. The first facility – a warehouse whose restoration was funded by the Enterprise Partnership’s Acceso Oferta Local Productos del Caribe – will provide local supply chain, distribution, processing, and logistics support as well as expand market opportunities for suppliers along Colombia’s North Atlantic Coast. The second facility – the Acceso Training Center – will train 20,000 Cartagena residents over the next 10 years for work in the hospitality sector, and also provide scholarships to low-income students to further support local employment opportunities.

Read the press release about the trip to learn more about the Foundation’s new projects and partnerships.