Aug 03
August 3, 2013

Africa 2013: Day 2 Recap


Today in Zambia, President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton visited the Manyemunyemu Clinic, a Community Health Assistant (CHA) post in rural Zambia that serves more than 3,000 people. Funded by the UK Department for International Development and trained by Clinton Health Access Initiative personnel, the CHAs are the Zambian government’s response to the country’s health worker human resources crisis. They are a new cadre of paid healthcare workers, developed specifically to serve Zambia’s most remote communities, where no health services were previously available. CHAs bring basic preventative and curative health services directly to the homes of the families living in these areas, or as close to the family as possible. Over the next five years, CHAI will support the training of approximately 3,000 Community Health Assistants to reach even more rural communities.

President Clinton and Chelsea toured the facility with Ms. Rudo M’dala, the nurse in charge of facility, and Melody Beene, a Community Health Assistant, on two visits to homes where they conducted their check-ups. Following the tour, President Clinton and Chelsea accompanied two Community Heath Assistants, Doubt Mbula and Benny Siinyisa, on a home visit and met Timothy Sianisindo and his family. Doubt and Ben are two members of the first CHA graduating class of 300 and make an estimated 130 rural home visits each year to meet and provide health services to families living within their community.  On our blog, CHAI Human Resources for Health Program Manager Emily Heneghan Kasoma shares with us what it is like for Benny and other Community Health Assistants to provide care to some of the most rural communities in Zambia. Read the story.

Later, the delegation visited the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s Clinton Global Initiative commitment in action. Operating on five continents, including 18 countries in Africa, the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s CGI commitment is an expansion of its efforts to donate one million hearing aids to children in the developing world by 2020. President Clinton helped the Starkey team fit hearing-impaired children with free hearing aids, watched them hear for the first time, and practice speaking. 

Tomorrow, President Clinton will travel to Tanzania to visit a community group participating in Barclays CGI commitment Banking on Change. Follow President Clinton, Chelsea Clinton’s travels through Africa to visit Foundation and CGI commitments on the Clinton Foundation's Facebook at, Twitter at @ClintonFdn, and Instagram at pages.