April 2, 2003
Apr 02

Press Release: Clinton to Visit the Caribbean

New York
Press Release

President Clinton will visit the The Bahamas, St. Kitts & Nevis, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti April 4-8, 2003. The Caribbean region is experiencing the second-fastest growth rate of HIV infection in the world.

During this trip, President Clinton will participate in HIV/AIDS related meetings and events in each country. He will deliver a major speech on Friday, April 4th in the Bahamas addressing the challenges of HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean. President Clinton will also visit an AIDS clinic at the Princess Margaret Hospital. With assistance from the Clinton Foundation, the Government of the Bahamas has finished a business plan that calls for providing access to needed care and antiretroviral therapy (ARV) for all HIV-positive persons within 3 years. In addition, the Clinton Foundation successfully negotiated ARV drug costs in the Bahamas down from $3,800 per person, per year to less than $500. With this reduction, seven people can be put on ARVs for the same cost as one.

After a stop in Puerto Rico, the former President will travel to St. Kitts. St. Kitts is part of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States. (OECS), a sub-region of the Caribbean comprised of nine island nations. The Clinton Foundation is also working with the OECS countries, including St. Kitts, as part of its The Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative. President Clinton will then travel to the Dominican Republic for a meeting there.

While in Haiti, President Clinton will visit an AIDS clinic in Port Au Prince and talk with volunteers, caseworkers and medical experts about how to provide treatment to more people who are affected by the disease.

The Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative team, comprised of care and treatment professionals and business people, are located in 12 nations in the Caribbean and three nations in Africa. They work with the governments and organizations in those nations to assist in the development and implementation of strategies for the effective HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care programs.

President Clinton serves as co-chair of the Advisory Board of the International AIDS Trust with President Nelson Mandela. In September 2002, President Clinton visited five African nations (Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda , Mozambique, South Africa ) in a trip focused on HIV/AIDS and the economic empowerment of poor people. He also met with the leaders of 6 Caribbean nations to discuss HIV/AIDS in a visit to St. Lucia in January.

For more information on additional details of President Clinton's trip, please contact Tammy Sun at (212) 348-0392.

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